C-Guard - The Proven and Cost-Effective Naval Decoy System


Terma’s proven C-Guard Soft-Kill Weapon System is a decoy system for naval platforms made to defeat stream attack with multiple missiles and torpedoes from multiple directions.

The system effectively counters advanced threats like small range gate Radio Frequency (RF) missiles, imaging InfraRed (IR) seekers missiles, Dual Seekers (RF/IR), and advanced next generation torpedoes. These threats require fast response and utilization of advanced tactics supporting the latest in decoy technologies available.

Based on the 130 mm NATO standard, Terma has 150+ C-Guard systems in operation worldwide. The system is easy to install and offers simple and effective training and maintenance procedures. Furthermore, it offers a small footprint, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and High Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). This results in a cost-effective solution with a high degree of operational time.

C-Guard offers full protection against above and below water threats, and it supports the latest generation of decoys including sub-munition based designs and active decoys. Terma and DCNS have jointly developed a fully automatic anti-torpedo decoy system. The system also uses the Terma 130 mm Soft Kill Weapon System (SKWS) to fire DCNS CANTO-V anti-torpedo decoys. The SKWS upgrade for twin AAW and ASW purposes use the jointly developed software with advanced algorithm (embedding DCNS CONTRALTO-V reaction software) to support fully automatic firing.

This provides the ship with an effective protection against torpedo attacks. The decoys will be placed in the water in the best way to confuse the torpedo together with ship evasive maneuvers proposal. With advanced algorithms, this system will provide the best firing solution and protection of all types of ships against torpedo attack.

Source: Terma A/S
Date: May 21, 2015