Homeland Security Week 2015

Next Generation Interagency Requirements for Evolving Homeland Security Initiatives

With recent threats from various terrorist organizations, radical factions, and lone wolves becoming more and more sophisticated, the need to ensure that our nation’s security at home and abroad are strongly monitored at all times by a multifaceted, interagency effort, is a necessity. Without superb intelligence, operational assets, and flawless unified communication across all stakeholders, the threat of a catastrophic outcome is an ever-increasing reality.

The 10th Annual Homeland Security Week (HSW) will provide homeland security stakeholders with an industry event focusing on further developing the requirements necessary for numerous government agencies, all directly or indirectly responsible for US homeland security, to facilitate a complex, joint, multilayered plan that will combat the evolving threat our country faces – all while ensuring the support of the communities they serve. The event will bring together top homeland security leaders from both government and industry alike to discuss requirements, critical issues, and vulnerabilities within national security.


What are the Benefits of Attending?

  • NEW! Attend our Annual HSW Awards Reception where homeland security leaders are recognized for their continued contributions
  • NEW! Visit the Homeland Security Recruitment Pavilion as the private sector and leading government agencies work to recruit and place talent that will support homeland security initiatives for years to come
  • NEW! Choose from two tracks focused on intelligence and operational initiatives supporting the homeland security plan moving forward
  • NEW! Participate in our Homeland Security Policy Directive Focus Day as we discuss ways to gain public support of critical homeland security initiatives
  • NEW! Meet and Interact with our esteemed Homeland Security Week 2015 Advisory Board – an incomparable group of industry leaders

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An In-Depth Look at our New Features:

Homeland Security Week 2015 Advisory Board
For over 10 years, IDGA has provided a discussion based platform to encourage and promote advancement in critical areas of homeland security. However in an effort to advance the 2015 iteration of Homeland Security Week, we are partnering with the thought leaders in this community that are working diligently to help support the ongoing improvement efforts. IDGA has worked closely with the leading minds within the Homeland Security community to identify the people closest to the current challenges and future initiatives. As a result, we have brought together a collection of advisors that is unparalleled in this space, with incomparable experience. Meet each of them by attending this year’s annual event.

Homeland Security Recruitment Pavilion
Take the opportunity to support the job creation efforts within the homeland security community. Visit the Homeland Security Recruitment Pavilion as the private sector and leading government agencies together aim to bolster their respective workforces – all while contributing to the positive trend of job creation in the US. If you are a candidate searching, you will have ample opportunity to evaluate the dozens available employment options and how you can best support the current effort to protect our homeland.

Annual HSW Awards Reception
Join us as we launch, the 1st and only of its kind, awards ceremony supporting the Homeland Security community. Countless stakeholders work diligently to advance and perfect the best practices currently in place to protect our national security. Come attend this gala on October 7th as we recognize the leading minds supporting these ongoing efforts!

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2014 Speakers

  • Randolph Alles, Assistant Commissioner Office of Air and Marine, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • David Azuelo, Commanding Officer , City of Tucson Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Nelson H. Balido, APR, CEO , Border Commerce and Security Council
  • Kowshik Bhat, Director of Product Marketing , Xirrus
  • Thad Bingel, Former Chief of Staff , U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Bill Braniff, Executive Director, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
  • Chuck Brooks, Vice President, Client Executive Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Xerox
  • Stephen Caldwell, Director, Maritime Security Issues, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Peter Chin, Director of Cloud and Enterprise Applications Services, Department of Homeland Security
  • Bruce Davidson, Director Office of SAFETY Act Implementation, Department of Homeland Security
  • Michael Fisher, Chief, U.S Border Patrol
  • Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Department of State
  • Jerome Hauer Ph.D, MHS, Commissioner, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, State of New York
  • Tom Trotto, Deputy Director E2C2, Department of Homeland Security
  • Mr John Paul Jones II, Working Group Program Manager, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Gibson B. Kerr, Deputy Director, Acquisition Support & Operations Analysis Group (ASOA) Science & Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • BG Elton Lewis, Director Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA), FEMA
  • Carl Lichvarcik, Section Chief- Doc. Training/Alerts , (HSI-FL) Homeland Security Investigative Forensic Laboratory
  • Ms. Sylvia Longmire, Former Intelligence Analyst & USAF Special Agent, SME
  • Patrick Nemeth, Identity Operations Director Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), DHS
  • Mindi Ramage, Chief- Latent Print Section, (HSI-FL) Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory
  • Louis A. Rodi, III, Deputy Assistant Director, National Security Programs Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Jim Ross, Chief Forensic Document Examiner, (HSI-FL) Homeland Security Investigative Laboratory
  • Brandt Schenken, Director United States Bomb Data Center, ATF
  • Jeffrey Stern, State Coordinator, Virginia Department of Emergency Management
  • Wolf Tombe, Chief Technology Officer, US Customs and Border Protection
  • BG Gregory Touhill, Deputy Assistant Secretary Cybersecurity and Communcations, Department of Homeland Security
  • Gil Van Schoor, Vice President DHS Initiatives, FCN Technology Solutions
  • Joseph DiZinno, Vice President, American Systems
  • Michael Gelles, Director, Deloitte
  • Mike Dorsey, Executive Director, Dell
  • Doug Thomas, Head of Corporate CI Operations, Lockheed Martin
  • Eric Maddox, Investigator, Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Navy Insider Threat Program
  • John Lenkhart, Program Manager, FBI
  • Matthew Rhoades, Director, Cyberspace & Security Program, Truman National Security Project & Center for National Policy

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 13, 2015