Indra to Implement its Satellite Communications System in German Navy K-130 Corvettes

Indra, in partnership with the company Atlas Elektronik, will be responsible for providing the German Navy's Braunschweig class (K-130) corvettes with five satellite communications (satcom) terminals. The three-year project covers manufacturing, integration and testing, electronic documentation, and training for crews.

The company won the contract in a request for proposals involving several different European manufacturers of satcom terminals, finally resulting in the selection of Indra's TNX-100 terminal.

Developed by the company, this terminal has already been implemented in several of Spain's most sophisticated vessels, such as the Juan Carlos I strategic projection ship and the F-100 frigates. The system, which has two stabilized 1.5-meter-diameter dishes, is capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving up to 4 Mbps.

Specialized in satellite communications, specifically for moving platforms, Indra has already supplied satcom systems to the German Navy.

In the past, Indra signed contracts to equip the F-122 frigates and the six Elbe class replenishment ships with these types of systems, and in addition to implementing them in surface vessels Indra is also supplying satcom terminals for Germany's U212 class submarines.

These systems are also based on stabilized dishes and are capable of offering submarines the highest transmission and reception speeds, far superior to those of all other systems currently on the market.

Platform protection
The new contract is the latest in a series of projects begun in 2003 through which the German Navy has commissioned the company to implement electronic defense systems in these same corvettes.

For example, the company has equipped the K-130s with an advanced system that not only detects radar signals and identifies those that pose a threat for the platform but can also counteract them by distorting or modifying them so that the data they gather is incorrect.

Source: Indra
Date: May 6, 2015