OPV & Surface Combatants Latin America 2015 Conference

Welcome to OPV & Surface Combatants Latin America 2015

The 2015 conference is hosted in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The conference comprehensively explores partnership and business opportunities for global industry in the region. In particular, we shall examine topics intrinsic to the OPV and combat ship market such as shipbuilding capacity, systems design, damage control, program management and operational capability.

Latin America continues to be one of the most dynamic naval markets in the world with new OPV procurement projects emerging in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Mexico. These complement the large maintenance and upgrade requirements within Brazil and Chile.

OPV & Surface Combatants Latin America 2015 is the only naval event in South America that provides an honest assessment of how to balance requirements and capability with acquisition and operational costs while sharing solutions to the most prevalent security concerns.

In addition to revealing procurement and acquisition strategies and inspecting several fleet renewal and OPV projects, the event will include in-depth technological presentations covering innovative solutions on system integration and capability implementation.

Event History

  • 2015 is the 4th Annual Conference. It follows events hosted in Cartagena, Colombia (2014) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013 and 2012)
  • Attended by 150-200 delegates – experts in surface fleet assets drawn from both military and industry
  • The Global series of OPV conferences started 9 years ago with our European Conference. We leverage this experience to ensure consistent high quality

Ecuador and the Conference Venue

  • Ecuador has an ongoing OPV Project, widely seen as one of the most importance defence projects currently in Ecuador
  • Guayaquil, is the largest and the most populous city in Ecuador, with around 2.69 million people in the metropolitan area, as well as the nation's main port

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Conference Themes:

OPV requirements, acquisitions and upgrades

  • Operational requirements from across the globe for new-build OPVs and capability upgrades
  • New build versus life extension and modernizaton programs
  • Lessons Learnt from Surface Vessel Projects

OPV Operations

  • Supporting surface vessel capability
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • EEZ Patrol and Protection; combating marine pollution, fisheries control, search and rescue operations and responding to natural disasters
  • Helicopter operations and their challenges
  • Use of UAVs to enhance surveillance capabilities and cut costs of helicopter operation
  • Survivability, Structural integrity, and Human factors
  • Multi-national collaboration
  • Mission feedback from multi-national task forces; Counter-Narcotics and anti-piracy operations
  • Strategies for effectively intercepting small and fast boats
  • Identification and interception of asymmetric threats
  • Identification and detection of threats through advancing C4ISR and network capabilities

OPV Design and Architecture

  • OPV designs of the future: Modularity in design, construction and outfitting
  • Operational requirements from across the globe for new-build OPVs and capability upgrades
  • Multi-mission design and construction
  • Offboard systems and their integration
  • Habitability and manning
  • Improving situational awareness for comprehensive Maritime Domain Awareness

Why OPV 2015?

Our inaugural OPV Latin America conference in Brazil responded to demand from the region following the success of our long-standing OPV conference series. Incorporating similar themes to our European, Asian and Middle Eastern events, OPV Latin America offers a unique perspective on the procurement strategy and operational concepts of key Latin American navies.

Last year the conference moved to Colombia, which was right at the epicenter of the dynamic Latin American market. Under the Colombian Navy’s 'Orion Plan', 6 OPVs are being built by 2015. The conference addressed what effect this new class of vessel have on the regional marketplace.? And whether these the export models of the future.

Ecuador's current OPV requirement provides the ideal location for military and industry to gather and share best practice - the new location also provides delegates with an opportunity to engage with local industry partners, in particular ASTINAVE, and meet the full hierarchy of another Latin American Navy. This was successfully achieved in past years in Colombia and Brazil.

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“I look forward to sharing in discussions, and exchanging ideas with the diverse range of navies and coast guards, on their latest OPV developments and performance at the 6th Annual Offshore Patrol Vessels conference.”
Commander Bessa Pacheco, Plans & Policy Division, Portuguese Navy

"The annual Offshore Patrol Vessels Conference organized by IQPC has become an important reference world forum concerning the growing use of these naval assets, when senior representatives from different Navies can present and discuss the solutions they have found to reconcile technical issues with operational tasks and budget constraints so as to better accomplish their missions."
Rear Admiral Francisco Deiana, Director of Naval Engineering, Brazilian Navy

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2015 Speakers

  • Almirante C. G. DEM. Luis Gerardo Alcalá Ferráez, Jefe del Estado Mayor General, Armada de México
  • Admiral Leonardo Gustavo ALONSO, Commander, Uruguayan Navy
  • Vicealmirante Luis Santiago Chávez, Comandante General de Marina, Armada Del Ecuador
  • Contralmirante Hector Orlando Caballero Espinoza, Comandante, Fuerza Naval de Honduras
  • Contralmirante Antonio Vallejos Abadie, Jefe de Estado Mayor de la Armada, Armada Paraguaya
  • Contralmirante Emilio Recio Segura, Subcomandante general de la Armada, Armada de Republica Dominicana
  • Contralmirante SIA IN Gonzalo Cabrera Castillo, Director General Adjunto de Construcción Naval, Armada de México
  • Comisionado Jorge Yanis, Director de Logística y Servicios Generales Servicio, Servicio Nacional Aeronaval de Panamá
  • Rear Admiral Jorge Enrique Carreño Moreno, President, COTECMAR
  • Commander Juan Alberto RACIGH, Master of TANGO SB-15 Rescue Coast Guard Vesse, Prefectura Naval Argentina
  • Capitan de Navio Enrique Marquez Gianuzzi, Senior Officer, Marina de Guerra del Perú
  • Flag Officer Confirmed, Representing the Commander, Brazilian Navy

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 29, 2015