Embedded Training Systems Provide Mobile Training Solution

With a growing number of defense agencies experiencing a reduction in total force size, training efficiencies continue to grow in importance. At this year’s CANSEC 2015 in Ottawa, Canada, Meggitt Training Systems will discuss the latest innovations in embedded training solutions.

“With defense forces deploying worldwide, often with limited training facilities and resources, Meggitt has addressed the need for low power, small footprint, agile simulation solutions for mobile environments,” said Paul Romeo, director business development, Meggitt Training Systems, Quebec. “The result is over 2000 fielded and in-service embedded training systems and more than 10 years of qualified, proven field experience.”

The embedded training software provides simultaneous training with multiple networked embedded training systems and connects to an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) through a Distributed Integration Systems (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) compliant connection. The embedded trainer allows the weapon station operator to safely practice skills and drills in a simulated environment, while providing automated performance monitoring, feedback and recording. It serves as a gunnery and weapons station trainer, or a collective crew trainer providing a range of simulation exercises and customized exercises suited for operational troop rehearsals when deployed in theatre.

Military leaders and defense program managers realize embedded training systems are useful to military forces, recognizing that troops may not have access to training while on duty outside the country. Installing training devices onboard vehicles allow soldiers to sharpen their combat skills during periods of downtime. Meggitt’s US Army’s Stryker embedded trainer allows crews to conduct precision-gunnery, driver and commander tactical training.

In addition to the Stryker embedded training solution, Meggitt will be discussing applications in numerous weapon system solutions including:

  • Main battle tank and armored fighting vehicles main armaments
  • Remote Weapons Stations (RWS)
  • Secondary weapon systems
  • Anti-tank Guided Missile (AGTM)
  • Information Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)
  • Forward Air Controller (FAC)
  • Forward Observation (FOO)

Source: Meggitt Training Systems
Date: Apr 28, 2015