Naval Combat Systems Conference

Here are just a few:

  • The RNZN are looking to spend $446 million on ANZAC Frigate System upgrade and a further $65.4 million on a Platform Systems upgrade, to be completed by 2018
  • The Philippines Naval budget has increased by 29% from 2014 – the proposed budget for 2015 being PHP 115.5 billion
  • The Japan Maritime Self Defence Force are expanding to eight destroyed by the end of 2020, an estimated cost of 150 billion Yen.
  • Peruvian Navy military spending planned to rise 13.38% each year, from a 2013 budget of $2.9 billion, until reaching $5.5 billion in 2018
  • Hellenic Navy are looking to spend €400 million in their mid-life modernisation programme

Procuring state-of-the-art technology is a key driver for naval forces. However, the added complexity of new systems creates management and implementation challenges that make the balancing act between cost and capability more difficult to manage. As worldwide threats continue to evolve, different navies need to adapt to their environments and the debate on the issues underpinning modernisation has become multi-faceted.

What is for certain is that the rapid technological advances of the past 30 years- advances that have transcended the life cycle of many ship designs- have created an operating environment where integrated combat systems are a must-have capability for the modern naval warfighter. In recognition of this and because of the demand from our military and industry partners, Defence IQ have launched the Naval Combat Systems conference- a conference designed to explore the value and advantages of specific system programmes and of a variety of surface vessels’ contingent combat capability.

The Naval Combat Systems conference now forms part of our naval conference series, a series that also includes our established Surface Warships and OPV events. Preparations are already underway to ensure that the 2015 event will deliver on the high expectations of this portfolio and the conference is set to help signpost exciting new developments in the sector for our community. We look forward to exploring the advantages of the latest combat systems technology with you in July.

Key topics to be addressed at conference include:

  • Challenges that the end-user is facing whilst using the current generation of combat systems
  • Programmes currently underway and future modernisation plans
  • Outstanding requirements and the projected capability of future systems
  • Impact on mission performance, at both an operational and tactical level
  • The rise of modularity and multi-mission capability
  • Sea-based missile defence systems
  • Methods of system integration and how this issue has become the focal point of upcoming naval programmes

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  • Captain Antonio Gonzales Garcia, Combat Systems SCOMBA Programme Director, Spanish Navy
  • Captain Christoph Mecke, Project Leader F125 Frigate Programme, German Navy
  • Captain Marcellino Corsi, Naval Defence System Operational Requirements, Italian Navy
  • Commander Richard Gans, Senior Staff Officer Naval Requirements and Policy, The Netherlands Ministry of Defence
  • Mr. Steve Hyde, Director Combat Systems, DE&S* (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Commander Andreas Uhl, Planning Directorate, Ballistic Missile Defence, German Navy HQ
  • Captain Warren Bairstow, Naval Advisor, Australian High Commission
  • Commander Mendes Dias, Weapons and Electronics Department, Portuguese Navy
  • Ms. Anne Sandel, Programme Executive Director Surface Warfare, Naval Sea Systems Command, US Navy* (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Rear Admiral Alexandru Mirsu, Chief of Naval Forces Staff, Romanian Navy
  • Mr. Giovanni Romani, Head of Land & Maritime Capability Section, NATO HQ
  • Commander Alistair McHaffie, Naval Combat Capability Working Group Lead, Royal New Zealand Navy* (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Rear Admiral Massimo Annati (Retd.), Chairman of the European Working Group on Non-Lethal Weapons, Italian Navy
  • Commodore Michele Cosentino (Retd.), Naval Analyst, Italian Navy - Rivista Marittima

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 24, 2015