Integrated Air and Missile Defence Eastern Europe Conference

Air & Missile Defence: The Top Priority for Eastern Europe

Eastern European states are faced with a variety of airborne challenges to the command of their air space and to their infrastructure and citizens, including the return of more traditional ballistic missile threats, aerial reconnaissance and more general trends in the field of air defence.


Key Issues Include:

  • Constructing a holistic view of Air and Missile Defence – how can states formulate a comprehensive strategy to tackle all threats to the integrity of their air space?
  • How will Airborne and Ground-based interceptors work in tandem to safe guard the skies, avoiding lethal incidents such as blue-on-blue fire or malicious forces entering the sovereign air space?
  • What is the expectation for cooperation and coordination between nations, in particular in the realm of sensor arrays and early-warning capabilities, over the short to middle term?

The conference in 2015 will see a number senior Air Defence Commanders, Operational Commander and Heads of Strategy and Policy attending from across Eastern Europe: including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and from other states in the vicinity.


What's New For 2015!

  • A specific focus on the countries in the region with the most significant requirements and challenges – how can their neighbours learn from their experience of Air Defence and the value of the current industry solutions to those nations?
  • What is the future of regional coordination between and integration of air defence and early warning assets? How far have nations progressed with their national integration efforts?
  • Share in discussions regarding the upgrade of National sensor arrays. How are nations planning to pool and mutually benefit from these early warning capabilities?

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  • Viorel Ciboratu, Minister of Defence, Republic of Moldova MoD
  • Lt. Gen. Paolo Magro, Deputy Chief of Staff, Italian Air Force
  • Maj. Gen. Slawomir Kaluzinski, Chief of Staff, Operational Command, Polish Armed Forces
  • Maj. Gen. Dan Cavaleru, Deputy Chief, Romanian Air Force
  • Malec Mieczyslaw, Head of the State Defence Readiness Division, Polish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Tomasz Jakusz, Chief Specialist Ground Based Air Defense Department, Polish Ministry of Defence
  • Col. Plamen Bogdanov, Commander, Bulgarian Air Force
  • Col. Jan Sedliacik, Chief, GBAD Department, General Staff Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
  • Janell Eickhoff, Commander, US Army Europe
  • Pavlo Lievtierov, Deputy Chief, Command Center, Air Force of Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Lt. Colonel Esa Lappi, Head of the Information Technology Division, Finnish Defence Research Agency
  • Daniel Kostoval, Head, Defence Policy and Strategy Division, Czech MoD
  • Jacques Lasri, IAMD SME, NATO Defence Investment Division
  • Miroslav Kratky, Professor, University of National Defence
  • Peter Round, Director, EDA

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 23, 2015