Software Drives Growth

AJW Technique provides a broad range of component repair and overhaul services to the AJW Aviation customer base of more than 1,000 airlines. Utilizing one of the best industry-specific engineering skill bases in the world, the Montre'al facility is a centralized hub for the AJW repair supply chain: focused on delivering world class reliability; guaranteed availability of components; reduced turn times to deliver improved efficiencies and minimize AOG costs; andtheprovisionofsuperiorwarranties backed up by competitive pricing.

The Challenge
At its Montre'al facility, AJW Technique repairs tens of thousands of units annually. The company needed a way to precisely track repairs and overhauls down to the component level to control costs, improve turn times for customers, and boost productivity. The decision to deploy the robust, aviation-specific system that the AJW Group already utilizes across its complete aircraft spares support flagship, AJW Aviation, was an easy one.

The Solution
AJW Technique selected Component Control, the industry leading MRO software specialists, to provide integrated MRO management software solutions for the entire facility. Its teams were already familiar with Quantum and the business has collaborated with Component Control for many years developing precise functionality to improve business processes and improve productivity.

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Quantum quickly became an integral part of AJW Technique’s efforts to operate more efficiently and profitably, drive down direct maintenance costs for customers, and grow the Company. Over the last two years, AJW Technique has altered
the footprint of its building to create more efficient workflows, relocated equipment to optimize repair productivity,andintegratedQuantum into virtually all of its processes.

AJW Technique recently surpassed its 10,000th repair order. The business’ success means leaders are now planning to expand beyond Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft repair and overhaul services, to eventually include helicopters, military aircraft and business jets.

As AJW Technique continues streamlining its processes, company executives expect the facility will reach its repair potential of about 35,000 units annually — the equivalent of supporting 600 aircraft.

“Quantum is an integral part of our life at AJW Technique. From time reporting to financial performance, many decisions are taken with information derived via Quantum,” said Benoit Lavallee, Avionic Production and IT Manager.

Source: ASDWire ASD
Date: Apr 15, 2015