Velocity Aerospace selects Quantum Control MRO and Logistics Software

Component Control announced today that Velocity Aerospace Companies, a provider of component repair and overhaul services, avionics sales and installation as well as distribution services, selected Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software to manage its operations.

Since going live, Quantum has helped Velocity increase efficiency with simple steps for entering data, create a cohesive work environment with central information viewable by all, and streamline and enhance decision-making with easily generated reports, forecasts and budgets, according to Gemma Sapiera, Aerospace Distribution Sales/Purchasing Lead, Velocity Aerospace – Burbank. The ability to customize templates, forms and reports for specific tasks has helped organize and streamline internal processes.

“We now have one area in which we can share pricing, emails, contacts, and other related information without forwarding emails or slapping post-its on paperwork,” said Tiffany Brain, Communications & Marketing, Velocity Aerospace Group.

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“Requesting parts has been expedited significantly. Our technicians used to handwrite ‘parts needed’ on sheets of paper, which lead to a lot of ‘does that look like a ‘1’ or an ‘L’ to you.’ By allowing the technicians to request parts through the system, we can automatically link approved alternatives, visibly see low stock, and read the part number correctly the first time.”

Source: Component Control
Date: Apr 14, 2015