Indra Will Continue to Lead the New Generation of Cyber Security Systems and Services

Fernando Abril-Martorell, Chairman & CEO of Indra, said that the company "will continue to lead the next generation of cyber security systems and services in various areas".

To explain, Abril-Martorell cited Indra's thorough knowledge of its clients to develop, implement and in some cases operate their specific technologies, which those clients must protect. "We are and will remain their best and most effective allies and are going to remain committed to protecting their assets and processes," he stated.

The Chairman & CEO of Indra stressed that the company is not only busy with its leading position in Spain, but also active in the global market, especially in Europe. And he stated that this will enable the company to strengthen its current position as one of the leading firms in the cyber security services industry, which is a field it has been pioneering for over ten years, with most of the major Spanish companies and several companies from outside our country as clients.

Abril-Martorell cited some Indra developments as examples of its leadership, such as the Ascet simulator in aspects of cyber security simulation and training; the Cyber Security Operations Center iCSOC; secure communications systems; and Cyber Intelligence systems.

Abril-Martorell made these statements this morning at the opening session of the seminar "Spain and the United States in the face of cyber security challenges", which has been running at the Indra headquarters today. This first session also included speeches by the President of the Spain-United States Council Foundation, Juan María Nin; the President of the Real Instituto Elcano, Emilio Lamo de Espinosa; the Secretary General of Aspen Institute Spain, José María de Areilza; the General Director of Foreign Policy and Multilateral, Global and Security Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Enrique Mora; the Cyber security Coordinator at the US State Department , Christopher Painter; the Secretary of State-Director of the National Intelligence Center and the President of the National Cyber Security Council, Felix Sanz Roldán.

The Chairman & CEO of Indra also stressed that the exponential increase in the use of the Internet and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides "significant development opportunities" that must be exploited but entails the proliferation of cyber threats, "which represent a real risk to the economy and security of nations." He further noted that "we face a global challenge that individual defensive performances have proven largely ineffective."

In this regard, he stressed close collaboration between the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally, is fundamental to guarantee areas of national security such as protecting critical infrastructure and essential services.

Leader in Cyber Security
Indra is one of the leading Spanish companies in the field of Security and Cyber Security. From its cyber security operations center, i-CSOC, the company provides network and data protection services to businesses, organizations and institutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service seeks to minimize the vulnerabilities of ITC systems and industrial control systems, thus safeguarding the data of companies and organizations and to ensure business or service continuity.

The technology firm covers infrastructure protection, identity assurance, data confidentiality, protecting and guaranteeing network operations and the deployment of security and risk management models. Its clients include some of the leading banks, energy and utilities firms, governmental bodies and security and defense forces.

Indra, with Fernando Abril-Martorell as Chairman, is Spain's leading consulting and technology multinational and one of the most prominent in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business and sustainability, having allocated €583 M to R&D&i over the past three years, making it one of the leading companies in Europe in its sector in terms of investment. With a revenue of approximately €3 billion, 61% of its income is generated by the international market. It employs more than 43,000 staff and has clients in over 149 countries.

Source: Indra
Date: Apr 14, 2015