Armoured Vehicles Latin America Conference

Discover the answer by joining us at the 4th annual armoured vehicles conference in Latin America. This event offers an unrivaled opportunity to engage with the most important issues for the procurement, sustainment, training and operational use of armoured vehicles in Latin America.

Armoured Vehicles Latin America: the premier regional forum for protected mobility is delighted to announce that the 2015 conference will be chaired by Major General (ret’d) Victor J. Alvarez Vargas, Colombian Army.

Bringing together senior officers responsible for current and future requirements from across the region this is the essential forum to share expertise, build contacts and establish long-lasting relationships.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain insight and expertise from serving military officers at the forefront of acquisition along with the local industries that support them
  • Understand the latest procurement requirements for armoured vehciles in the region including Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru
  • Discuss the latest in modernisation programmes and through life sustainment for your vehicle assets
  • Consider the solution to SWaP trade-offs in the context of increasing operational demand, budgetary pressure and enhanced technological capability
  • Learn how to become a thought leader in the Latin American armoured vehicle market
  • Share candid discussion opportunities with the key stakeholders from military and industry focussed on meeting the requirements for armoured vehicle capabilities across Latin America

This year will feature:

  • More: Latin American and Central American Nations including Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia for greater regional coverage.
  • More: Regional industry leaders and influencers, allowing you to forge relationships with local market experts who have established routes to market.
  • More: Key insight from non-regional experts, with presentations from leading militaries from around the world. Find out how their experience of 21st century warfare is impacting Armoured Vehicle development.

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“It was a pleasure to attend the recent Armoured Vehicles Latin America event, which I found very well organised, informative and interesting with considerable opportunity for useful networking...I am sure what I learnt during my attendance is contributing most effectively to the work I am undertaking in Brazil”
Sector Manager, UKTI Defence & Security Organisation

“Conferences like this one are an invaluable tool for the Ecuadorean Army to meet other militaries and Industry”
MAYO De M. G. Milton Vinivio Sánchez Mena, Tactical Vehicle Programme Manager, Defence Materiel, Ecuadorean Army

“The event allows me to connect with potential business partners and opens up our market for business. In the end, this conference allows for a mixture of knowledge, experience, marketing, and friendship that revolves around the world of armoured vehicles”
Captain Diego Patron, Tactical Vehicle Programme Manager, Colombian Marine Corps

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  • Major General Victor J. Alvarez Vargas (ret’d), Former Inspector General Armed Forces, Colombian Army

2015 Speakers

  • General Luiz Felipe Linhares Gomes, Chief of Army Project Management Office, Brazilian Army
  • Major General Luis Gomez Vasquez, Naval High Command, Colombian Marine Corps
  • Major General (r) Ricardo Rubianogroot, Former Chief of Intelligence, Colombian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Carlos Franciso Castillo Aguilar, Commander Marine Infantry Brigade, Peurto Barnos, Izabul, Armed Forces of Guatemala
  • Brigadier General Harold Lucho Avendano, Evaluator Technical Committee (CETO), Peruvian Army
  • Brigadier General (r) Ruben Dario Alzate, Former Commander of Joint Task Force Titan, Colombian Army
  • Colonel Pablo Guerra Ibarra, Representative of Lieutenant General Sergio Ahumada Labbe, Army of Chile
  • Colonel Lucio Edilberto Moz Linares, Chief of Joint VII Plans and Orders, Armed Forces of El Salvador
  • Colonel Fernando Farfan Castro, Commander Joint Arms Task Force, Colombian Army
  • Major Alessandro Brites, Specialist, Brazilian Army
  • Major Diego Patron, Commander Military Police Battalion No.11, Colombian Marine Corps
  • Paul Villare, Chief of Foreign Technology Division, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2, US Army
  • Roman D. Ortiz, Consultant and Professor, Latin American Security and Defence
  • Representative of Commanding General US Army South, SOUTHCOM, US Army
  • Senior Officer, Representing the Commanding General, National Police of Colombia
  • Senior Officer, Representing the Commanding General, Peruvian National Police
  • General (r) Julio Alberto Gonzalez Ruiz, CEO, Defense High Technology Corporation Colombian Ministry of National Defense

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 9, 2015