Next Generation Integrated ISR Conference

Developing Next Generation ISR Capabilities for an Evolving International Landscape

Having accurate and reliable intelligence on the battlefield is one of the most important components to maintain Warfighter safety. Without accurate information prior to any mission, battles are mismanaged, assets misused, and lives are lost. Today's Military places a huge emphasis on the successful implementation of technologies specifically designed to gather the appropriate amount of information and deliver that information to those individuals who can make quick, informed decisions. One of the key challenge areas has been that ISR platforms are limited in to how much information can be provided and the duration that it can be delivered for. To combat this issue, the Military utilizes a integrated approach to ISR. By layering several assets together, the end result is a combined common operating picture that none of the assets could have provided alone. This concept of layering assets is extremely effective, but only reliable when our Military controls the battle space.

What happens when it doesn't?

This Conference will focus on giving an overview of the outstanding progress the Military has made in recent years, highlighting future requirements, and how industry can best support the Military in achieving these requirements.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • State of C4ISR and How it can be Leveraged in a Contested Environment
  • Electronic Warfare Objectives and Concepts
  • Future of Manned Aerial Surveillance
  • Potential Exploitation of National Capabilities: How can it help Tactical Commanders?
  • Contested Environment ISR Concerns and Solutions
  • Overlapping of ISR Assets to Create a Combined Operating Picture

Whether you are a Military Leader in the field, an Industry expert with a new idea, or simply an enthusiast, this event will have something for you!

Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 27, 2015