Cyber Incident Response For Enterprise 2015 Conference

Where is YOUR Action Plan for Mitigating Successful Cyber Attacks?!

"They came in the house, stole everything,then burned down the house. They destroyed servers, computers, wiped them cleanof all the data and took all the data."

These were the words of the Chief Executive of Sony Pictures, Mr. Michael Lynton, in early January reflecting upon the recent devastating cyber attack on his company’s network in November 2014. The lack of any concrete guide to the strategic response to a cyber attack that successfully penetrates the protections in a company such as Sony Pictures is astonishing. Yet the lack of preparation for the ‘worst-case scenario’ is present in some of the largest Enterprises in the world.

The Cyber Incident Response for Enterprise conference will change that – taking place from the 26th – 28th May2015 in London, this event will give attendees the chance to experience a cyber attack and then receive top level training in how to combat that breach.If you are caught unawares by a successful cyber attack, do not be caught unprepared. Book your place at this live exercise now!


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Why should you attend?

  • Experience an interaction cyber attack scenario: attendees will be taken through a cyber incident in a commercial enterprise – what impact can attackers have once they are inside the system
  • Receive detailed training in the strategic management of the response to the breach – how you can step back from your day-to-day role and see the bigger picture
  • Access tangible takeaways that you can action in your own enterprise – take home a guide to dealing with these attacks
  • Hear targeted case study presentations from end-users and thought-leading vendors on the various approaches to handling a successful cyber attack – provide your own feedback and contribute to the debate

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  • Omer Koker, CTSO, Vodafone Turkey
  • Juned Mirza, Information Security Manager, Emirates Group
  • Andy Hodgson, Global CISO, QinetiQ
  • Jaya Baloo, CISO, KPN Telecom
  • Arturo Garcia Hernandez, Information Techonology Security Manager, Banco de Mexico
  • Barry Coatesworth, ISO, A Leading High Street Retailer
  • Mahmoud Yassin, Lead Systems & Security Eng. Data Center Group, National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Bharat Thakrar, Head of Business And Cyber Resilience, BT Global Services
  • Dave Sloggett, Academic and Incident Response Trainer, Cyber Security Specialist
  • Sherif Hashem, Subject Matter Expert, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Egypt
  • Tarun Samtani, Information Security Architect, ebuyer
  • Michael Boyer, Chief of Cyber Initiatives and Cyber Security, US Central Command, Department of Defence

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 25, 2015