C4ISR Summit Middle East

Operational Data Architecture and ISR: Systems, Security and Governance

The C4ISR Summit Middle East 2015 is a two day conference plus focus day to help militaries in the region drive advanced communications, C2 and surveillance capabilities - in the framework of advanced data architecture.

  • Conference Day 1: Command and Control, Data Architecture & Security, Communications
  • Conference Day 2: Airborne ISR Platforms
  • Focus Day: GEOINT and Data Fusion

Ensuring the acquisition and appropriate application of C4ISR capabilities and assets will guarantee informational superiority in a century that has been deemed the age of information. Maximising situational awareness and informational superiority via C4ISR translates not only into an operational advantage on the battlefield but an advantage in all domains, including air, land, sea, space, and most recently, cyberspace. Attaining cutting edge C4ISR capabilities and technology will ultimately enable rapid response to emerging threats in a dynamic and changing region.

There now is but one question on the minds of the military commanders responsible for increasing situational awareness and interoperability via the integration of C4ISR technology: how can we further attain a more complete integration of C4ISR systems across air, land, and sea domains? The answer to this question will be discussed at the C4ISR Summit 2015.

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Key themes of the summit:

  • Challenges and solutions achieving interoperable open architecture
  • Network architecture for secure exchange of information
  • Operational feedback from naval and air missions
  • Managing battle space architecture of the deployed space
  • Airborne ISR platforms and data interpretation
  • Developing effective C2 Systems

Who you will meet:

  • Directors of CIS and C2
  • Directors of J6, A6, G6 and N6
  • Heads of C4I
  • Signals Commanders
  • Wing Commanders & Squadron Leaders involved in Airborne Reconnaissance
  • Directors of J2
  • Heads of GIS
  • Waveform Architects
  • Directors of Space Requirements
  • SO1 Strategic Networks

''A must for any industry wishing to engage in the GCC in the C4ISR space''



  • General (ret) Dr Hassan Shehri, Dean of Information Systems Centre, Naiff Arab University for the Sciences and Former Commander, Naiff Arab University for the Sciences
  • General (ret) Dr. Abdulaziz Asmari, Former Director General of Training, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior and Professor, Naiff Arab University for the Sciences
  • Major General (ret) Ayish Almajnouni, Former Inspector, Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Colonel (ret) Ali Menbet, EW & EA PFMG Advisor to Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defence
  • Eng. Khalid A. Hammadi, Director GIS, Bahrain Informatics Organisation
  • Brigadier General Djoko Sutrisono, Director General of Geodefence and Geospatial Intelligence, Indonesian Armed Forces
  • Colonel Ralph Thiele, Former Director Special Projects, German Air Force
  • Dr Walter Christman, Associate Professor, US Naval Postgraduate School and Chairman, Global Challenges Forum
  • Colonel Michael Romba, Head of C4ISR, German Armed Forces
  • Charles Oakley, Head of Mathematical Sciences, UK Home Office
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sam Geltzer, Head of Imagery and Intelligence Centre, Swiss Armed Forces
  • Marita L. Cook, GEOINT Mission Manager, Standards and Practices Unit, Directorate of Intelligence, Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Colonel Phillippe Suhr, Rafale Programme Manager, French Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ellis, GA ANG, Director of Operations, Plans & Readiness, Georgia AFB, USAF
  • Dr Linton Wells II, Wells II, Former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information, formerly US DoD
  • John Day, BD Director National Security, Esri Inc.
  • Brigadier General (ret ) Sayed Ghoneim, Former Director of Operations, Egyptian Army
  • Dr. Michele De Sio, CEO, Rebel Alliance Software

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 18, 2015