ICS Cyber Security Conference

Business Risk is the watch-word of this year's Cyber Security for ICS conference - how can you raise awareness within you business of the dangers of a successful cyber intrusion into your Control Systems?

With malicious software, such as BlackEnergy intriguing and frightening cyber security experts in equal measure, and spreading unease throughout the community, it is evident that the integrity of the systems controlling our Critical National Infrastructure and large manufacturing plants is still very much under threat. As the potential attacks on water, electricity and other features of a nation’s critical infrastructure are being increasingly linked to international cyber criminals, security practices within private companies are becoming public business – as such practitioners must scrutinise their operations in order to minimise their exposure to such attacks.

Cyber Security for ICS, Europe 2015 will unite Cyber Security professionals with Control Systems managers and SMEs to address these issues and more.

Held under Chatham House rules, the 2nd iteration of the ICS Cyber Security event will offer a uniquely European forum for those individuals and groups concerned with securing these most vital of systems in the near and long term future. Covering topics from the technical measures which can protect PLC’s through to SCADA systems, to instruction on formulating business cases for the danger posed by the increased inter-connectivity of Industrial Control Systems.


Why Should I Attend?

  • Benefit from a panel of speakers with a wide range of expertise, including SCADA Managers, Plant Controllers and Heads of Information Security, at some of the world’s biggest companies, in sectors ranging from Energy and Utilities, to Transport and Manufacturing
  • Learn about the guidelines and legislation being developed to monitor and control the quality of the cyber security solutions protecting these ICSs
  • Further your understanding of the current solutions available in the market and how they can prevent malicious intrusions
  • Discover how you can best foster resilience in your control systems and the physical structures of your installation. as well as preparing for an effective and efficient recovery from a successful attack
  • Hear an update on the developing cyber threats to ICSs, both human and technical, in the world today

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  • James Arbuthnot, Former Chairman of Defence Select Committee, Houses of Parliament
  • Ragnar Rattas, Head of CIIP Section, Republic of Estonia Information Security Authority
  • David Willacy, Digital Risk & Security Manager, UK National Grid
  • John Dickinson, Cybersecurity Control Systems Manager, Sellafield Ltd
  • Helder Francisco, Scada Manager, EDP Energias de Portugal SA
  • Mr Lhoussain Lhassani, CISS, Sr. Specialist Asset management, Stedin
  • Martin Visser, Security Officer, Waternet
  • Mark Camillo, Cyber Leader, AIG
  • Mohib Rahman, Energy Team Lead, OCSIA - Cabinet Office
  • Evangelos Ouzounis, Head of Resilience and Critical Information Infrastructure, ENISA
  • Marina Krotofil, ICS Security Engineer, ENCS
  • Miguel Garcia-Menendez, Head of Corporate Governance and Strategy, CCI-es
  • Stefano Mele, Research Director Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security, Italian Military Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Christopher Hankin, Director Institute for Security Science and Technology, Imperial College

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 5, 2015