Smart Policing Summit 2015

The Newest Tools, Technologies, and Techniques in Next Generation Policing

Given the current economic landscape, many law enforcement agencies are facing personnel and resource reductions while struggling with chronic crime and unprecedented public pressure. Developing tactics and strategies that are effective,efficient, and economical—as measured by reduced crime and higher case closure rates—would be of great benefit to law enforcement agencies in this era of budget constraints and limited staffing. The goal of “Smart Policing” is to identify tools, technologies, and techniques as law enforcement pursues the next generation of policing.

As a result, we are hosting the Smart Policing Summit 2015. Join us as we bring together Chiefs of Police,Head Crime Analysts, and Senior Ranking law Enforcement Personnel from across the country to explore advancements in smart policing initiatives and modern technology adoption that will be critical in ensuring the safety of our police and the people they protect.


Key Benefits For Attending:

  • Familiarize yourself with the path to Smart Policing integration
  • Learn to create benefit opportunities in a technology project
  • Catch up on research being conducted on innovative, evidence-Based, crime reduction Strategies
  • Learn how agencies have reduced crime by increasing cooperation with high-crime communities
  • Hear about Shawnee Police DDACTS: Right Place, Right Time, and Right Reason
  • Benchmark against agencies that have advanced knowledge and practice of Next Generation Policing
  • Meet key law enforcement personnel who paved the way to Smart Policing
  • Understand the role of Body-Worn Cameras, UAS, Biometrics and Gunshot Location Systems in Modern-Day Police Work

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  • Larry Larimore, Chief of Police, Shawnee, KS Police Department
  • Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police, Pullman, WA Police Department
  • Cathy Lanier, Chief of Police, Washington, D.C. Police Department
  • Jeremy Slavish, Division Director, Michigan State Police
  • Mark Bennett, Police Lieutenant, San Diego Police Department
  • Jac Charlier, SME, TASC Institute
  • Bruce Kubu, Deputy Director of Research, PERF (Police Executive Research Forum)
  • Scott Davis, Coordinator, Montgomery County Police Department
  • David Makin, Research Fellow, Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice
  • Athena Morrow, Manager, Adult Forensic Services, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
  • James "Chip" Coldren, Director, CNA Corporation
  • Art Acevedo, Chief of Police, Austin, TX Police Department

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 4, 2015