Released Functionality to Market MV-Parts to Gain Additional Exposure for its Advertising Vendors, owned by Component Control, has launched a new advertising service called “MV-Parts”, or Most Valuable Parts, to enable StockMarket vendors to boost awareness of their most valued parts by featuring those parts in the top of the search results.  MV-Parts is a complement to’s current Parts Sponsoring and Tower Banner advertising services, giving vendors the ability to advertise more competitively and in real time ahead of their competition.

“Our vendors are competing amongst 100 million qualified line items of aviation inventory and capabilities, and working in a capital intensive environment. The new MV-Parts feature is designed to help vendors draw buyer focus to specific parts such as high margin parts, new parts that a vendor has added to their profile, increasingly competitive parts, or hot sellers that could bring a quick profit,” comments Todd Lewis, President of Component Control.

The MV-Parts service is available for use by vendors that are enrolled in the Parts Sponsoring programs, and is leveraged via the website to global Aviation professionals with no subscription needed and no cost for searches. MV-Parts is also free on mobile devices using StockMarket’s Android and iPhone apps.

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Source: Component Control
Date: Mar 4, 2015