Helicopter Engine Repair Overhaul Services Selects the Dual-Power of Quantum and StockMarket.aero

Component Control announced today that Helicopter Engine Repair Overhaul Services or H.E.R.O.S., Inc. , a provider of repair, overhaul and services for the Model 250 engine series, is running the dual-power of Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software integrated with StockMarket.aero to efficiently grow their business across all sectors of the helicopter industry. H.E.R.O.S., Inc. offers on-site overhaul and testing capabilities for Honeywell Fuel Controls and PT Governors as well as engine driven fuel pumps, oil delivery tubes, fuel nozzles, bleed, anti-ice and double-check valves, along with troubleshooting, and field and technical support for routine work as well as same day AOG repairs.

“We began deploying Quantum in 2013 and rapidly saw the benefits across our business, from efficient management of work orders to improved quality control and the ease of integrated accounting to provide native compliance and auditability. Shortly thereafter we included a second database for our sister company, HYE-Tech Manufacturing , manufacturer of FAA approved replacement parts for the Model 250 Series engines & fuel systems, to realize the full power of an automated supply chain” said Raffi Kajberouni, CFO, H.E.R.O.S., Inc. “By integrating StockMarket with Quantum, we’ve been able to streamline our sales of Model 250 parts, while seamlessly managing inventory and work order requirements for greater operational efficiency.”  The integration of Quantum software will support the expansion of HEROS Inc. and HYE Tech Manufacturing which includes a new larger facility and state-of-the-art engine test cell.

Part of H.E.R.O.S., Inc. Quantum system also includes the Repair Manual Tracking module for tracking all repair publications along with critical revision dates and review dates. It also provides for manual affectivity by part, customer and ATA, and integrated with the Work Order module providing specific manual requirements for individual work orders.

Source: Component Control
Date: Mar 4, 2015