Northwest Helicopters Expands Operations With MRO and Logistics Software

Northwest Helicopters, LLC, the largest helicopter company in the state of Washington, will be expanding its Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software footprint to include the integration of StockMarket, and the addition of manufacturing for Mechanical Specialties, LLC, a subsidiary that will manufacture the Bell model 505 cargo hook. Northwest Helicopters, located at the Olympia Airport in Olympia, WA, is a Bell Platinum Customer Service Facility and MD Helicopter Service Center providing parts, service, and component overhauls for all models, and a specialist in the overhaul and refurbishment of the Bell UH-1H helicopter.

“We initially selected Quantum because it offers a complete system to manage all of our business needs – from the diversity of our rotorcraft, to aircraft tracking, orders and accounting - and the ability to easily grow with us as our needs expand,” commented Jeff Winner, Director of Maintenance at Northwest Helicopters. “With this new contract from Bell, the work we’re doing at Mechanical Specialties will also be managed through Quantum’s manufacturing module, which integrates seamlessly with the other modules we are using.”

Quantum’s Manufacturing Module is a powerful, yet easy to use application that addresses all aspects of the manufacturing process including product lines, floor control, inspections, materials planning, purchasing and outside servicing.

Continued Winner, “As we move into 2015, our infrastructure is set up to support taking our extensive inventory online so we’re eager to integrate that part of our business using It will automate and greatly simplify the buying and selling process for both ourselves and for our customers.”

Source: Component Control
Date: Mar 3, 2015