Elbit Systems Offers a Broad Range of Training and Simulation Systems

Training and simulation systems maximize realism and minimize the often difficult transition to advanced, complex platforms and missions The new and unconventional threats posed by urban warfare and the global war on terrorism demand smooth interoperability among forces on all fronts. Rapidly changing scenarios necessitate instant, coordinated responses and the ability to handle unpredictable events. Seamless operation, Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and C4I system exploitation are incorporated into Joint Forces Tactical Training solutions that generate high-fidelity, virtual environments as close to reality as it gets. Elbit Systems, an acknowledged leader in the field, builds on over three decades of training and simulation programs to offer comprehensive solutions. These solutions range from mission preparation, through execution, to post-mission debriefing and analysis. Using a building block approach incorporating COTS components and specially designed simulation modules, our total, tailored solutions are designed to evolve along with customer needs. Simulator operation and maintenance are part of the total package. Elbit Systems' training systems and concepts include: Battlefield Enhanced Smart Tactical Training (BEST²) The BEST² system will be demonstrated at Elbit Systems' booth (#1415) during ITSEC. The system enables training in C4I systems for UAVs and armored vehicles using virtual and real environments and systems. BEST2 assures high fidelity tactical training from the platoon level to battalion/battle group and brigade-sized operations including UAVs, in open and urban terrain. The trainer sharpens skills in all combat aspects including tactical doctrines and battle management while positioning trainees opposite a complex combat scenario complete with communications systems. Aircraft and Helicopter Simulators Elbit Systems offers customers a comprehensive line of simulation and training solutions from Computer-based Trainers (CBT), Part Task Trainers, Full Mission Simulators, Distributed Mission Trainers through complete Training Centers equipped with Mission Planning systems, Simulators and Debriefing systems. We take a building block approach using COTS (Commercial- Off-The Shelf) components. Some of our recent programs include: • F-16 block 15/30/40/52+ Full Mission Simulators • F-5 Full Mission Simulators • ALX Super Tucano Full Mission Simulators • F-4 Part Task Trainers • MI-8 & MI-24 Full Mission Simulators with motion platform • Puma Full Mission Simulators • MIG-21 Full Mission Simulators with motion platform • IAR 99 Full Mission simulators and Embedded Training • Air Combat simulators Elbit Systems has the unique advantage of being a major avionics designer and manufacturer, enabling use of actual avionics in our simulators. This assures optimal simulation fidelity together with a simple upgrade path as aircraft avionics evolve. In many cases, training systems incorporate Operational Flight Software, identical to software implemented in the real aircraft, thus offering pilot training and mission rehearsal covering diverse training needs including emergency procedures. The simulator incorporates actual avionics in its architecture, including Mission Computer, Displays, Pilot Interface Units and a Display and Sight Helmet System. Ground System Simulators Learning to operate today’s advanced C4I combat systems and sensors demands rigorous practice and robust training tools. A key factor for success is the ability to bring sophisticated training to the field wherever forces are. Elbit Systems’ training and simulation solutions are geared for separate entities or entire battle groups. Their realism and overall effectiveness have enhanced operational performance of forces worldwide. Taking training to the field, Elbit Systems’ Appended Tactical Combat Trainer (ATCT) enables cutting-edge training and mission rehearsal on-site. The compact unit connects to the actual combat vehicle and systems, providing a complete simulation environment for the crew. The Tactical Battle Group Trainer (TBT) is an ideal solution for training Commanders and Staff from Company level to Battalion/Battle Group and Brigade-sized operations. Combining tactical battlefield simulation with actual C4I systems, the Tactical Battle Group Trainer’s unique concept enables the Battle Group leaders to acquire tactical reasoning methods, skills and procedures. Complete coverage of the ground battle arena is enhanced by our additional advanced Training and Simulation solutions including: • C4I and Virtual Environment Upgrade For NTC Live Training • Missiles Simulators • Artillery Training Systems • Mission Planning, Rehearsal & Debriefing Systems Naval Training & Simulation Elbit Systems’ naval trainers and simulators maximize realism and minimize the often difficult transition to advanced, complex platforms and missions. Based on COTS software and hardware, the trainers allow trainees to operate systems identical to those onboard actual platforms. Our family of naval trainers includes: • Naval Tactics & Command Trainer • Naval Operations Trainer • Electronic Warfare Trainer • Anti-Submarine Trainer Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV) Simulators UAVs are assuming more functions and playing increasing roles in homeland defense and homeland security applications. Deployed by police forces, fire departments, rescue squads, coastal patrols and drug interdiction teams, their sophisticated capabilities and onboard systems are able to tackle many of the complex challenges now performed by manned aircraft. Elbit Systems is the source of a full family of UAV systems and has devised Simulation systems to train personnel in optimal UAV operation. Virtual /Embedded Training As the complexity of the modern battlefield and capabilities of advanced fighters increase, training doctrines must be designed to enhance effectiveness as well as bridge the gap in the transition from trainers to fighters. The Advanced Combat Training System (ACTS) is Elbit Systems’ answer to the need for enhanced training tailored to all types of military platforms. Based on data link technologies, ACTS generates during the flight a comprehensive virtual environment for training as close to reality as it gets. Tailored to individual needs, the system provides the flexibility to generate realistic performance of all types of sensors, weapons and systems. HeliACTS is Elbit Systems’ answer to the need for truly realistic helicopter training, generating a comprehensive virtual environment. Based on data link technologies, HeliACTS simulates during the flight battlefield entities, evaluates crew activities and provides virtual battlefield reality-based training that sharpens all-around performance skills. Joint Forces Tactical Training Systems Our LVC (Live, Virtual & Constructive) Training system offers live, virtual training for all levels of air, ground and naval forces. It launches a new era in advanced operational training by connecting all levels of operational forces, both in simulators and on board actual platforms, and enabling them to share the same arena. The arena is distributed to all teams in real-time enabling interaction that reflects operations in the actual battlefield. The arena is transmitted to the platforms through their operational data links eliminating the need to add new equipment. The system provides the required connection for tactical distributed mission training and collaborative mission planning. Mission Planning, Recording & Debriefing Systems Today's battlefield is complex. Demands to maximize effectiveness are solved with highly detailed mission planning, recording and debriefing tools. Elbit Systems has combined accumulated operational experience with advanced technologies to offer a suite of systems supporting the entire mission cycle. Simulator Support Services Elbit Systems provides comprehensive simulator support services such as Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), training, manuals and spare parts. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction. Our customers can avail themselves of our full technical potential to support needs throughout the system lifecycle. The latest integrated data environment is employed for visibility into assets in transit, repair, inventory and simulator downtime. Elbit Systems maintain a flexible closed loop Failure Reporting & Corrective Action System (FRACAS) process that provides a framework for identifying and tracking causes of failures and determining and verifying corrective actions. Examples of our recent simulator support services programs include: • F-5 maintenance for the Brazilian Air Force • ALX Super Tucano maintenance for the Brazilian Air Force • F-16A maintenance for the IAF • ATCT maintenance for the IDF • TBT maintenance for the IDF • ATMT maintenance for the IDF • MPRDS maintenance for the IDF About Elbit Systems: Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of defense-related programs throughout the world, in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, training & simulation, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), advanced electro-optic and space technologies. The Company focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms and developing new technologies for defense and homeland security applications. For more about Elbit Systems, please visit our website at www.elbitsystems.com Contact: Dalia Rosen, Corporate Communications Director Tel: 972-4-831-6784 Fax: 972-4-831- 5420 E-Mail : daliarosen@elbit.co.il Ilana Gelfer, Marketing Communications Tel : +972-4-831-5056 Fax: +972-4-831-7902 E-mail: marcom@elbit.co.il

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Date: Nov 28, 2005

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