Big Data For Intelligence Symposium

Information Sharing and Analytics – Meeting the Nation’s Intelligence Challenge

While tremendous progress has been made over the past decade in improving the nation’s abilities to collect, analyze and disseminate intelligence across the government enterprise, there is still much work to be done. The Intelligence Community (IC), with the cooperation of DoD, and the homeland security and law enforcement communities, have embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize our intelligence analytics capabilities to meet emerging future challenges and the requirements imposed by new intelligence operational domains. In addition, while new intelligence sources and products – from geospatial information to open source and social media – increase our capabilities, they also further burden our finite resources. A critical role in improving and facilitating intelligence operations will be played by new capabilities in big data and predictive analytics.

This outstanding symposium brings together the key players and organizations who are shaping the future intelligence analytics environment. They will examine emerging IC, DoD and government plans for modernizing intelligence analytics, the status and forecast for key programs and initiatives, and the emerging best-in-class tools, techniques and technologies for applying big data analytics to the intelligence mission.

  • What is the status and forecast for IC, DoD and Service intelligence plans?
  • What is the status and forecast for key intelligence and intelligence analytics programs and initiatives?
  • What roles will new capabilities in anticipatory, big data and predictive analytics play?
  • What are the emerging lessons learned in applying analytics to open source and social media?

These and many other critical questions will be examined during this outstanding two-day event.

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Big Data in Government Conference provides Insight into the Federal Big Data Market
Alex Rossino From Deltek Blog

Superb job of recruiting the government representatives who are the drivers for this industry
Program Manager, Ball Aerospace

Good mix of practioners, thought leaders, and business leaders
Projet Manager, Lockheed Martin.

Many great presentations on dealing with and managing Big Data
Sr. Systems Manager, US Department of Defense

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Speakers for Big Data for Intelligence include:

  • CW5 Ricardo Pina, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the CIO, US Army
  • Mr. Jeffrey Eggers, SES, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Deputy CoS for ISR, USAF
  • Mr. Mark Krzysko, Deputy Director, Enterprise Information, OUST/AT&L
  • Mr. Ted Cope, Director, Basic and Applied Research, NGA
  • COL Bobby Saxon, Division Chief and Program Director, EMDS, Army G-3/5/7 PO
  • Ms. Lisa Shaler-Clark, Chief, Integration and Assessment Division, Army INSCOM
  • Dr. Ashit Talukder, Division Chief, Information Access, NIST
  • Dr. Steven Rieber, Program Manager, ACE, IARPA
  • Mr. Martin Kruger, Program Manager, ISR Thrust Area, Office of Naval Research
  • Mr. Adam Karcher, Unit Chief, Cyber Division, FBI
  • Mr. John Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Gemini II Technologies, LLC
  • Dr. Rand Waltzman, Associate Director of Research, Software Engineering Institute
  • Dr. Chaitan Baru, Senior Advisor, CISE, National Science Foundation
  • Ms. Pamela Wise-Martinez, Senior Strategic Enterprise Architect, Office of the PM, ISE, DNI
  • COL (ret) Lee Wight, Executive Director, Fusion Center, WRTAC
  • Mr. Steve Stennett, Chief Technology Officer, Federal Information Management, IBM
  • Dr. Darrell Young, Principal Engineering Fellow, Raytheon
  • Mr. Kevin McNeill, Solution Architect, Intelligence and Security, BAE Systems
  • Mr. Audie Hittle, Federal Chief Technology Officer, Emerging Technologies, EMC
  • Mr. Seth Goldstein, Technical SETA, ACE Program, Booz Allen Hamilton/IARPA
  • Mr. Dmitri Alperovitch, Chief Technical Officer, CrowdStrike Services
  • Dr. Greg Gardner, Chief Architect, Defense and Intelligence Solutions, NetApp
  • Dr. Colleen McCue Sr., Director, Social Science & Quantitative Methods, Digital Globe
  • Mr. Matthew Russell, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Reasoning
  • Ms. Peg Grayson, President, MTN Government
  • Ms. Dan Dzenitis, Vice President, Business Development, Digital Reasoning
  • Senior Representation, Vice President, MarkLogic

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 2, 2015