US Export Controls on Non-US Transactions Seminar

Understand how United States export control rules impact Asian-Pacific and other Non-US businesses

United States trade control laws and regulations impact companies who use or re-sell US-origin products, components or technology. The US Government can impose serious penalties for US and non-US companies who fail to comply with the extra-territorial US rules (including monetary fines, a loss of US Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any US items).

US Export Control Reform has changed the rules and increased the risk of serious penalties for non-compliance.

Many items and technologies have shifted from the USML to the CCL with completely different license requirements and jurisdiction. It is essential that companies understand the implications of Reform and update their compliance programs to take advantage of the changes and avoid costly violations. Both seminars include detailed explanations of the reform changes and practical advice on how to adapt compliance practices to take full advantage of the changes while remaining compliant.

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Defense Trade Controls Handbook - 2014


US Commercial & Military Export Controls & Embargoes - 2-DAY SEMINAR - 20-21 April 2015

A hands-on approach to complying with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), including both export controls and antiboycott regulations, and Treasury Department trade embargoes.


  • Persons and Items Subject to US Jurisdiction
  • US De Minimis Content Calculation
  • EAR Classifications
  • EAR Controls on Military Items

US ITAR Defense Trade Controls - 2-DAY SEMINAR - 22-23 April 2015

Learn the ins and outs of compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) in a format that is easy to digest.


  • New “Specially Designed” Definition
  • Canada, UK & Australia Exemptions
  • Agreements Requirements

You will learn:

  • How US export rules impact a wide range of transactions outside the US
  • How the US enforces these export regulations on non-US companies
  • Practical methods of complying with US export regulations


Very informative. What I liked best about the seminar is that the material was presented not just in a theoretical way, but with the presenters having a real understanding of business practices and issues in relation to the regulations. Great presenters!
Bob Wojcik / Ultra Electronics Director, Commercial Services 2013 US Defense Trade Controls Seminar


JOHN R. BLACK is a Principal of BSG Consulting and has been involved in US export and trade control matters since 1984. He advises US and foreign companies, law firms and governments on US export and has earned a reputation as one of the leading experts in the field. From 1984–88 he worked for the US Commerce Department, where he wrote the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and interpreted it for government and industry. He uses his comprehensive knowledge of the US rules that impact military and commercial companies to help his clients stay in compliance without missing legitimate business opportunities. He has been a featured speaker at over 100 conferences around the world and has written numerous articles and several books on the subject. Mr. Black is an accredited Export Compliance Professional (ECoP™) on both the EAR and the ITAR.

GREGORY CREESER is a partner with International Trade Compliance Strategies and a consultant to BSG Consulting. Prior to joining ITC Strategies as a compliance consultant, Mr. Creeser held the position of Corporate Director for International Trade Compliance with Goodrich Corporation’s Washington Operations Office. Mr. Creeser began his career in the export arena by serving for 2 years as a licensing officer within the Office of Defense Trade Controls at the Department of State. Mr. Creeser held the position of President of the board of directors of the Society for International Affairs (SIA) from 2004-2006. He also held the positions of Vice President, Communications Director, and Conferences Director for SIA. Mr. Creeser received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science andEconomics from Texas A&M University in 1987.

ELIZABETH CARTER is the Managing Director of Import and Export Solutions. She has been working in International Trade for over 30 years and has worked with numerous companies and dealt with a variety of products and markets. Elizabeth specialises in: Troubleshooting, Military and Civil Aircraft Controls, US re-export controls and Letters of Credit. Elizabeth has been an executive member of EGAD (Export Group for Aerospace and Defence) and served on sub-committees with H.M.Revenue & Customs and NGOs drafting out Arms Control Regulations. Elizabeth has utilised all of this knowledge to deliver solutions to industry that meet the needs of all departments, from the induction of a new employee through to the boardroom where vital decisions are made. Elizabeth is a recognised trainer in this field and works closely with many high profile organisations.

Stephan Müller is a partner at Oppenhoff & Partner. Before joining Oppenhoff & Partner in 2008, Mr. Müller was a partner at Linklaters LLP since 2001. He specializes in public law with Export Control forming a major part of his practice. Stephan advises national and international corporations on all national, EU and US law related compliance and permitting issues, including representation before courts and in administrative proceedings. He lectures on export control law at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne. Mr. Müller peaks at national and international conferences and has published articles on many aspects of export controls. The JUVE handbook on German commercial law firms has identified him as a “leading name” in his field of expertise for many years now.

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 24, 2015