Ducommun Awarded $7.3 M in Contracts from Raytheon for Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) (“Ducommun” or the “Company”) has received contracts valued, in aggregate, at approximately $7.3 million from Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) to continue producing a variety of interconnect and electronic assemblies for the U.S. Navy's Tomahawk cruise missile through 2016. The Company manufactures the assemblies at its Joplin, Mo., and Berryville and Huntsville, Ark., facilities. Ducommun is a Raytheon Principal supplier and a recipient of Raytheon's Six Sigma Relationship Award as well as the prestigious Leadership Excellence Award.

"Ducommun is honored to continue providing support for the Tomahawk program going forward,” said Anthony J. Reardon, chairman and chief executive officer. “The cruise missile’s outstanding reliability and effectiveness validate its premier status in the Navy’s arsenal of smart weapons. Raytheon’s longstanding confidence in Ducommun’s capabilities means a great deal to us, and we are committed to being a leading supplier partner on the Tomahawk Block IV."

The Tomahawk can be launched from a ship or submarine and can fly into heavily defended airspace more than 1,000 miles away to conduct precise strikes on high-value targets with minimal collateral damage; more than 2,000 Tomahawks have been employed in combat to date.

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Source: Ducommun Incorporated
Date: Feb 19, 2015