Cubic Receives Additional $2.9 M Training Order to Increase Support for the Romanian Army

Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) today announced it was awarded a contract modification valued at more than $2.9 million for its Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Individual Weapon System (MILES IWS) equipment. Cubic will continue providing next-generation training technology under an existing Foreign Military Sale (FMS) Romania contract with the U.S. Army. 

“This contract reinforces Romania’s continued interest in our MILES IWS equipment. Our Romanian customer is very important to us and this award extends the work we have accomplished together to effectively advance the training experience. With Cubic’s technology, Romania is able to train with the U.S. Army and our allies,” said Bill Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. “We are pleased to supply the latest advancements in our wireless training solutions, including better training fidelity, improved wireless communications and intuitive interfaces.”

Cubic’s MILES IWS is the U.S. Army’s latest generation tactical engagement simulation system in use today. The system uses laser emitters that attach to military weapons and on-body sensors to replicate combat and record data for later review. The system offers more effective training by saving time on set up and calibration so soldiers may spend more time on tactics. MILES IWS requires less time to attach a Small Arms Transmitter and align a weapon than previous versions, while maintaining alignment throughout the entire duration of the exercise. As a result, soldiers have increased confidence in the tactics they practice during training.

Under the contract modification, Cubic will provide new MILES IWS equipment, spare parts and computer server and software updates. The new computers and software upgrades will refresh the Romanian Exercise Control Center that was originally delivered in 2009.

Source: Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB)
Date: Feb 19, 2015