Mobile MILSATCOM 2015 Conference

Introducing the first conference in the world dedicated to enhancing SATCOM-on-the-move capabilities in a cost-effective framework

Whether it is operating in the air, by sea, or on land, militaries need to have reliable communications while they are mobile. The question is: can this be achieved in a cost-effective manner in era when militaries are operating under increasingly constrained defence budgets?

The advances in SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM) technology over the past few years have been extraordinary, as issues such as the Doppler Effect or the antenna pointing dynamics have largely been solved. However, as the demands increase for more transmitting more information, there are challenges for SOTM at higher frequencies, namely Ka-band, with a narrower beam. Equally, issues remain with interference from other satellites and wireless communications systems active in the same area. On that last point, questions remain as to how to effectively block nearby potentially hostile units from eavesdropping on your communications.

Our inaugural Mobile MILSATCOM will bring leading military and industry stakeholders together to discuss these issues. This conference provides an ideal opportunity for you to share knowledge, learn from, and engage with your international counterparts from allied nations in this dynamic and crucial sector of defence capability. With military representation already confirmed from across Europe, North America and Asia, this promises to be the most thought-provoking and diverse gathering of the MILSATCOM community in 2015.

Benefits of attending:

  • Take part in the only conference dedicated to SATCOM-on-the-move
  • Hear exclusive briefings from those that operate SATCOM-on-the-move technology in the field so that you can understand their challenges and requirements
  • Join the panel discussions and workshop groups so that you can engage with senior industry and military representatives debating the key issues facing the sector today
  • Learn about the latest projects from the procurement managers and discover where the military are going as doctrine setters set out future SATCOM-on-the-move strategies

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  • John Yates, Consultant, Satellite Communications Consultant


  • Group Captain David Rowland, Commanding Officer, 90 Signals, RAF
  • Colonel Eric E Nicanor, Commander, Naval Communications Electronics and Information Systems Center, Philippine Navy
  • Colonel Krasimir Yordanov, IT & Security Branch Chief, CIS Directorate, European External Action Service
  • Lieutenant Colonel Niall Stokoe, Commanding Officer, 30 Signals Regiment, Royal Signals, British Army
  • Bebe Kovel, SATCOM Division Chief, Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, Research Development and Engineering Command, US Army
  • Vincent Yacono, ECJ63-C4/Current Operations Branch, US EUCOM SATCOM
  • Commander Antonio Rodrigues Mateus, Naval Architect, Portuguese Navy
  • Harjinder Jolly, Space Lead, DSTL
  • Captain Dan Fostea, Head of Scientific Research Section, Communications and Informatics Systems, Romanian MoD
  • Major Ab de Vos, Joint IT Command, Defense Material Organisation
  • Trevor Austin, Special Assistant Maritime Operations CIS, Combined Joint Operations from the Sea
  • Peter-Paul Meiler, Chairman of IST 118 Working Group, NATO
  • Thomas Withington, Editor, Asian Military Review
  • Italian Directorate for Information, Telecommunication and Advanced Technologies Systems, Representative from 1st Department, Italian MoD, (Subject to Final Confirmantion)
  • Robert Demers, VP Government Services, Thuraya
  • Jonathan Richards, Business Development Director, Vocality
  • Neil Couch Couch, Strategy Consultant, Global Government, Inmarsat

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 19, 2015