Future Artillery 2015 Conference

The world’s most popular and influential joint fires conference

As the recently unveiled US Army operating concept suggests, the principle of the future is to ‘win in a complex world’. The hierarchical structure of superior capability and technology that Western allied forces retain in comparison to the enemy that surrounds us is becoming increasingly flat. This is due to the inherent versatility and increasing technological and strategic aptitudes that characterise the future enemy.

Future Artillery 2015 will address this issue and discuss realistic solutions to ensure that international forces remain proactive and adaptable in order to fight the unknown.  This will include the need to synchronize firepower in joint operations, enhance training and incorporate innovative communication and precision technology to effectively prepare for what the future has to bring.

Key topics to be addressed in Future Artillery 2015 include:

  • The increasing significance of interoperability and the role of joint fires
  • Developments in precision and communication technology to counteract the increasingly resilient and versatile enemy
  • Current and future training initiatives to defeat ‘the unknown and the unknowable’
  • Case study analysis of international artillery capability and a look to the nature of future conflicts

Why you should attend Future Artillery 2015:

  • Learn from industry and end user case studies to discover best practice in order to maximise your artillery operational potential and minimise cost
  • Gain an exclusive insight into how your peers are planning for future conflict in order to keep up to date with the latest technology in areas such as precision, automation and battle space management
  • Increase your operational readiness by assessing the potential of multi-national cooperation in both training and operations with your international counterparts

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2015 Speakers

  • Major General Cunha Mattos, Divisional Artillery Commander of 6th Division, Brazilian Army
  • Major General Menelaos Meimaris, Director of Artillery Directorate/ HAGS, Hellenic Army
  • Brigadier Andrew Harrison DSO MBE, Chief, Joint Fires and Influence, HQ ARRC, NATO
  • Brigadier General Alfredo Sanz, Director, Spanish Academy of Artillery, Spanish Army
  • Brigadier William Turner (Pending Final Confirmation), Field Artillery Commandant, US Army
  • Brigadier Simon Humphrey, Capability Directorate Combat Support, British Army
  • Ryan Gorman, Project Officer, Enhanced Lethality Artillery, US Army
  • Colonel Mark Pullan, Assistant Director Offensive Support, British Army
  • Colonel Vicente Garví Girón, Commander of the Training and Simulation Center, Spanish Academy of Artillery, Spanish Army
  • Colonel Manfried Dietmar Felber, Head of Section of Joint Fire Support/Indirect Fire, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Center, German Army
  • Colonel Ivan Mraz, Chief of Artillery, Division of Development and Planning Capability, Czech Army
  • Colonel JarosA,aw Kraszewski, Chief of Field Artillery, Polish Army
  • Colonel Steve Fisher, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab at First Marine Expeditionary Force, US Marine Corps (Ret'd)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Soren Høst, Head of Fire Support Division Army Combat and Fire Support Centre, Danish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Milan Kalina, Deputy Head of Department of Fire Support, Defence University of Brno
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Lewin, Senior Advisor Indirect Fire, Swedish FMV
  • Lieutenant Colonel Lim Hyosik, Manouvre Program Analyst, Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) - Republic of Korea
  • Lieutenant Colonel Reink Sijbrandi, Chief S5 (plans), Fire Support Command, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel David McKeever, Joint Experimentation and Training Team Branch Head, Canadian Forces Warfare Centre
  • Lieutenant Colonel Brian Russell, Commanding Officer of 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO), US Marine Corps
  • Major Charles Tardy-Joubert, Artillery Capability Branch, French Army
  • Lieutenant, Senior Grade (Eng.) Bernt Akesson, Principal Scientist, Finnish Defence Forces
  • Wim de Ruijter, Weapons Systems, TNO
  • Bahtiyar Kilicaslan, Turkish Army and SSM, Turkish Defence Procurement Agency

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 18, 2015