Telephonics Receives KAI Contract for TruLink Communications System Supporting Republic of Korea Medevac Helicopter

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF), announced today that it has received a contract from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to integrate its TruLink® Wireless Intercommunications system with the Republic of Korea’s KUH Surion Medevac helicopter. This contract marks the first time that TruLink, a full-duplex, wireless radio system, will be utilized by the South Korean military, enabling its medical teams to effectively communicate during critical, lifesaving missions.

TruLink eliminates the long cords that would typically tether helicopter crews to aircraft and enables intercommunications among all parties, including the patient, the flight crew and hospital staff during ground or airborne missions. TruLink operates either as a standalone system, or as a wireless extension to an onboard Intercommunications System (ICS). With its built-in ambient noise reduction feature, TruLink allows clear, intelligible communications in the high noise environments often encountered during Medevac operations.

“Telephonics looks forward to working closely with KAI and South Korea’s Medevac teams to enhance the clarity of communications in extremely high noise environments, enabling them to more effectively administer care to patients in critical need,” said Joseph J. Battaglia, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telephonics. “The reliability and versatility of this technology makes it ideal for use across a wide variety of applications and we are very pleased to bring this important capability to the South Korean military.”

Source: Telephonics Corporation
Date: Feb 17, 2015