Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2015 Conference

IAMD is essential to the territorial integrity of many states in the modern world. New requirements are driving states to upgrade the capability or operability of their Air Defence units. However such modernisation raises concerns and challenges with regards to the integration of new and old assets within an effective shield against airborne threats. The growing variety of such threats,from slow and low UAVS, to Rockets and Artillery, to ballistic missiles, increases the need to ensure effective integration of protective assets.

In official partnership with the Spanish Air Defence Regiment, Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2015 will take place at the Air Defence HQ in Sevilla where we will also be hosting a site tour and live fire demonstration as part of our pre-conference day. The tour of the base will enable all attendees to gain a first-hand insight into the daily operation

2014 saw many top-level military speakers from across Europe: Spain, Poland, the UK, Germany,Lithuania and many more attend and give briefings at  the conference, introducing key operational and systemic analyses on the challenges they face in Air and Missile Defence.

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What’s New For 2015!

  • Hear updates from key Air Defence regiments across Europe and NATO, including Poland and Turkey, regarding their existing and emerging requirements. Examine case studies of programs which are in service right now!
  • Learn where the new Air and Missile Defence challenges and requirements are developing beyond Europe and NATO
  • Network with senior, international military representatives and develop new contacts with both military and industry to facilitate the pooling of best practice and international integration

IAMD 2015 will focus on three core themes:

  • Detection: Early detection and accurate identification of a broad range of targets, from mortars to UAVs to fast jets, all constituting markedly different threats to vital assets.
  • Interception: Optimisation of radar to identify and intercept threats; the current capabilities of short,medium and long range missile defence systems; updates and advancement with C4i technology
  • Integration: Current efforts to achieve the integration of legacy and modernised assets; the use of C2 systems to enhance both internal and multinational interoperability; a look to the future of fundamentally integrated air and missile defence programs.

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  • Lt. Gen. Juan Campíns Miralles, Chief of Staff, 2nd Army, Spanish Army
  • Brigadier General Michael Gschoßmann, Director, Ground Based Operations, German Air Force
  • Brigadier General Ralph Groover, Deputy Director, J5; Strategy, Policy and Plans, US CENTCOM
  • Captain Manuel Martinez-Ruiz, F-100/F-110 Programme Director, Spanish Navy
  • Colonel Gregory J. Brady, Chief, US Army European Command
  • Colonel Chan-Sik Park, Chief of Plans Div., ADMC, Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Colonel Jan Sedliacik, Chief Air Defence Branch, General Staff of the Czech Republic
  • Colonel Vladimir Barca, Head, 25th Missile Defence Brigade, Czech Armed Forces
  • Colonel Bjørn Stai, Head of Air Support Systems Department / Inspectorate of Air Operations, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mattias Elfström, Air Defence Regiment, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Lt. Colonel Dr. (Eng.) Laurian Gherman, Vice-Rector, Romanian "Henri Coanda" Air Force Academy
  • Lt. Colonel Esa Lappi, Head of the Information Technology Division, Finnish Defence Research Agency
  • Jean-Francois Roullot, Capability Manager, DGA
  • Joseph Horowitz (Col. Res.), Marketing & Business Development Director, Air Superiority Division, Rafael
  • Colonel Luis Carlos Torcal Ortega, Commander, 74th Air Defence Artillery Regiment, RAAA 74, Spanish Army
  • General Alfredo Sanz Y Calabria, General Director, Artillery Academy, Spanish Army

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 17, 2015