Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management 2015 Conference

In 2014 we brought you the world's first joint Airborne ISR and AEW forum. At Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management 2015 we ask ‘What’s next for NATO?’

During our inaugural AISR and C2BM conference earlier this year, nobody could have predicted the operational challenges currently facing NATO and partner nations, with the rapid rise to prominence of ISIS and the dramatic situation in Eastern Europe. The importance of accurate and timely intelligence provision and dissemination cannot be understated, but nor can the dangers of a reactionary approach to strategic planning. Consequently, AISR&C2BM will pose the question “What’s next for NATO”, examining operational demands, desired capabilities and asset sustainment/support over the next five years.

The aim: To deliver a comprehensive assessment from leading NATO powers on the challenges and opportunities for ISR provision beyond the current headlines, in order to provide insight into the medium-term actions to achieve a tangible step-change in co-operation and capability.

Take a front row seat as NATO members and partners explore how a proliferation of ISR assets in the past decade has led to the need for streamlined Process Exploitation and Dissemination to maximise collected data for informed decision making, as well as examining the complexities of working with non-traditional partners and the limitations of interoperability and intelligence sharing.

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"A truly pan-ISR event with a fantastic array of ISR Stakeholders"
Sqn Ldr Andy Bain, UK Rivet Joint Training Manager, Royal Air Force

"An excelent opportunity for all industrial, military and civilian partners to come together to dicsuss all the potential challenges and way forward as a whole committee"
Kavan Chian Guang Rong, Air Warfare Officer, Republic of Singapore Air Force

"Congratulations for a successful change to the old AEW conference! - Better and more speakers. Better and more attendees"
Erik Winberg, Saab

"Excellent representation of the UK and international Air ISR communities"
Jonathan Loveless, Boeing

"Great conference! This follows the direction we have been trying to go regarding the tie of BM/C2 and ISR. Well done."
Andy Deckard, Boeing

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  • Rear Admiral Brett Heimbigner, Director, Intelligence Division, NATO International Military Staff
  • Major General Slawomir Kaluzinski, Chief of Staff, Operational Command, Polish Armed Forces
  • Brigadier David Evans, Head, Information Superiority, Royal Navy
  • Air Commodore Paddy Teakle, Deputy Commander, NATO
  • Group Captain Suraya Marshall, 2IC, ISTAR Force Command, RAF
  • Colonel Dave Van Dusen, Deputy Program Executive Officer Battle Management, Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre, US Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Lengkeek, Branch Cheif, ISTAR and Space, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Miller, Cheif of Coalition ISR Branch, Lead OIC for European Partner Integration Enterprise, US Air Force Europe
  • Roland Runge, Head ISR and UAS Division, German Air Force
  • Commander Roger Kennedy, Commanding Officer, 849 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy
  • Commander Simon Wynn, Joint Intelligence Operations Center, Joint Forces Intelligence Group, UK MoD
  • Squadron Leader Andy Bain, Officer Commanding QWI ISR & Sentinal Training, 54 (r) Squadron, Royal Air Force
  • Robert Murray, Head of ISR, Defence Investment Division, NATO HQ
  • James Edge, General Manager, NATO Alliance ground Surveillance Management, NATO
  • John Miller, Demonstrations Branch (Bold Quest), Joint Fires Division, US Air Force
  • Confirmed Representative, Army HQ, British Army
  • Confirmed Representative of Major General Shanahan, Commander, 25th Air Force, US Air Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 16, 2015