Civil & Commercial UAS Symposium

The Next Big Thing! – Civil and Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The markets for civil and commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) are poised to explode. UAS manufacturers who to date have been feeding the huge defense market are being joined by an ever increasing number of non-defense UAS platform and payload developers who are targeting the potentially enormous markets for civil and commercial capabilities. The application opportunities seem limitless. However, to make this happen, a whole range of regulatory, certification, insurance, safety, and management challenges have to be met.

This outstanding event brings together the thought-leaders and planners who will make civil and commercial UAS a reality. They will provide the latest information on government plans for UASintegration in the National Airspace (NAS). They will examine the most promising high-value applications – in everything from industrial security and perimeter monitoring, to border management, law enforcement, communications, search and rescue, disaster management, surveying, mapping, resource management – and beyond. They will give you a thorough understanding of the current technical capabilities and looming challenges.

  • What is the way ahead for UAS integration in the NAS?
  • What is the state of the science in airborne sense and avoid/collision avoidance systems and technologies? What new capabilities are needed? What’s on the drawing board?
  • How do you perform a financial risk assessment for your UAS project?
  • What are the insurance issues?
  • What is the status of state legislation on UAS overflight?
  • What are the emerging lessons learned from early UAS test sites?
  • Where are the real opportunities in the commercial market?
  • What about federal and state government market opportunities?
  • What are the insurance issues?

This comprehensive conference brings together key officials and representatives from both government and industry that will examine the recent developments, most critical capability gaps, and likely future direction for civil unmanned aircraft systems.

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“Very well organized.”
UAS/RPA Subject Matter Expert, 705th Combat Training Squadron

“A very good lineup of relevant experts”
Deputy Director, Air Force Joint Test Office (AFJO)

“Speakers are good, location good, contacts very good”
Director, New Business Development, HITCO

“Great span of the field, real authorities”
Vice President, Business Development, Space Data Corp

“Broad based perspectives were excellent”
Defense Fellow, U.S. Congress and U.S. Air Force 

Meet the Top Experts for Newest Opportunities and Networking!

  • Mr. Matthew Hampton, Assistant Inspector General, Department of Transportation
  • Ms. Laurie Grindle, Project Manager, UAS-NAS, NASA
  • Mr. David Hackenberg, Deputy Project Manager, UAS-NAS, NASA
  • Dr. H Brandon Haller, Assistant Director U.S., Government Accountability Office
  • Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, Principal Investigator, Unmanned Aerial Traffic Management (UTM), NASA
  • Mr. Chris Swider, Manager of R&D, UAS Integration Office, FAA
  • Maj Nicholas Amato, Program Manager, Air Force Ground-based Sense and Avoid Program
  • Dr. John Appleby, Program Manager, Science and Technology Directorate, DHS
  • Dr. Scott Braun, Project Scientist, Hurricane Storm Sentinel System (HS3), NASA
  • Mr. Jeff Sloan, Director, National UAS Program Office, USGS
  • Mr. Michael O’Shea, Senior Law Enforcement Program Manager, Department of Justice
  • Mr. Glen Russell, Remote Sensing Coordinator, Analytics and Geospatial Tradecraft, FEMA
  • Dr. Bruce Quirk, UAS Liaison, USGS
  • Mr. Paul McDuffee, Vice President, Government Relations, Insitu/Boeing
  • Mr. Mike Glasgow, Fellow, Chief Architect, Lockheed Martin Aviation Services
  • Mr. Michael Drobac, Executive Director, Small UAV Coalition
  • Mr. Curt Smith, Technology Director, British Petroleum
  • Mr. Paul Morgan, Chairman, American Dynamic Flight Systems
  • Mr. John Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Altavian
  • Mr. Kevin Gambold, Mr. Kevin Gambold
  • Ms. Rose Mooney, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership
  • Dr. Ray Young, Technical Director, NUAIR
  • Mr. Matt Scassero, Test Site Director, University of Maryland
  • Mr. Mark Dombroff, Partner, McKenna Long and Aldridge
  • Mr. Mark McKinnon, Partner, McKenna Long and Aldridge
  • Mr. Shawn Bullard, President, Duetto Group; Lead Federal Government Advisor, North Dakota FAA UAS Test Site
  • Ms. Heidi Williams, Senior Staff, Project Management & Operations Planning, Lockheed Martin IS&GS
  • Ms. Lisa Ellman, Counsel, Co-Chair UAS Practice Group, McKenna Long and Aldridge LLP
  • Mr. Earl Comstock, Counsel, Eckert Seamans
  • Ms. Jesse Kallman, Director, Global Bus. Dev. & Regulatory Affairs, Airware
  • Mr. Drew Jurkofsky, Senior Consultant, Unmanned Experts
  • Mr. Chris Proudlove, Senior Vice President, Global Aerospace
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