Exelis to Highlight Solutions for Full Spectrum Dominance and Awareness at 2015 AFA Air Warfare Symposium

Exelis (NYSE: XLS) will highlight a range of solutions for U.S. Air Force customers and industry partners at the Air Force Association’s (AFA) 31st Annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition, booth 130, Feb. 11-13, in Orlando, Florida.

Exelis will showcase mission-enabling technologies and services in the areas of electronic warfare (EW), carriage and release technology, wide-area surveillance and secure information collection and distribution. Exelis will also highlight developments and improvements in its operations, maintenance, engineering and modernization portfolio of services.

“Exelis has supported the U.S. Air Force in its challenging cross-domain missions for more than 50 years, ” said Bob Edmonds, Exelis vice president of Air Force programs. “Through advanced technology development, operations support and critical networks expertise, Exelis will continue supporting the Air Force’s full spectrum dominance and awareness.”

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Among the Exelis capabilities designed to enable Air Force missions, the company will highlight:

  • Electronic warfare: Exelis airborne electronic attack, electronic protection and electronic intelligence capabilities support the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, Special Operations community and key international allies.

    Leveraging proven technologies like the ALQ-211 family of systems and the ALQ-214 radio-frequency (RF) countermeasures system, Exelis offers the Air Force cutting-edge self-protection from RF threats across a wide range of platforms, missions and environments. Exelis is the leading provider of EW systems for large aircraft, with technologies like the ALQ-172 and ALQ-161 offering unparalleled situational awareness, threat profiling and countermeasure capabilities to keep aviators ahead of electronic threats. The Exelis Advanced Capability Pod also supports airborne EW training for the U.S. and international allies.
  • Carriage and release technology: Exelis ejector racks and launchers are used on most U.S. military aircraft as well as international platforms. Exelis pioneered the use of pneumatic technology to help reduce wear and tear and overall system life-cycle costs.

    At the show, Exelis will emphasize a smart, lightweight multiple carriage rack, which will double the carriage capability of unmanned and light attack platforms. This rack incorporates the same cost-effective pneumatic ejector units currently being installed in the MQ-9 parent pylons.
  • Wide-area surveillance: Exelis will feature CorvusEye 1500, an airborne surveillance system that complements traditional video surveillance by providing high-resolution, visible color and infrared motion imagery over an area up to 1.24 miles in diameter.

    CorvusEye can generate up to 10 high-resolution views of different areas of interest simultaneously and is exportable to many military, intelligence and security agencies around the world.
  • Secure information collection and distribution: With the proliferation of sensing collection technologies, tactical operators are faced with the need to transform massive amounts of data into actionable information.

    The Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) program, sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Handling Branch, creates solutions that provide secure cross-domain sharing of information and facilitate collaboration. ISSE enables the transfer of data between multiple security domains and protects from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

    JagwireTM is an Exelis information processing and analytics engine that enables rapid access to mission-critical geospatial intelligence data through a single, intuitive interface. Jagwire operates as an all-source intelligence aggregator, allowing for secure dissemination through a flexible platform deployable on computers, mobile devices and in the cloud. Combined with solutions for image verification, improvement and material identification, Exelis offers powerful capabilities that help lead to higher-confidence decisions.

Source: Exelis
Date: Feb 11, 2015