Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit 2015

The Next Generation of Survivability Vehicles

The limited military ground presence currently has allowed the US Army and US Marine Corps to give attention to a long withstanding issue: upgrading its light tactical vehicle fleet. Up until this point, much of what was done to the vehicle fleet during recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan would be considered by most to be a temporary solution. 

As a result, the JLTV program is now headed for production, the AMPV program has just been awarded, the ULCV program is in pre-solicitation, and the HMMWV modernization initiative is on the horizon.  However, not without challenges…. 

  • Identifying best value components is difficult to define
  • Assessing the full spectrum of sub contractor capabilities is easier said than done
  • and, speed to market is essential as conflicts abroad percolate

Can you help achieve these objectives?  Whether an active military stakeholder, an OEM spearheading the design, or a supplier with cutting edge solutions, don’t miss this rare opportunity to address the needs of not only the current projects but those coming in the near future by joining us for  the Lightweight Tactical Vehicles Summit 2015.

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Major Topics to Include:

  • An Evaluation of Current Lightweight Tactical Vehicles
  • Introduction of the JLTV
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Upgrading MRAP's and HMMWVs
  • The JLTVs Place within the Iron Triangle
  • Overcoming the Obstacles: Terrain Concerns and the Overall Mission
  • Introduction of the ULCV
  • Airborne Forcible Entry Vehicle Requirements
  • Minimizing the Warfighter on the Battlefield: Potential Technology in Tomorrows Vehicles
  • Breaking the “More Armor” Paradigm

Featured Speakers

  • COL "Rocky" Kmiecik, Director, Mounted Requirements Division, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, U.S. Army
  • COL Mike Milner, Program Manager, Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), U.S. Army
  • COL James "Jim" Schirmer, Program Manager, Armored Fighting Vehicles, U.S. Army
  • COL Jason Craft, Program Manager, Mine Resistant Ambush Proof Vehicles, U.S. Army
  • COL (Ret) Kimberly "Kim" McCamon, Program Manager, Phantom Badger Phantom Works, Special Pursuits Cell, Mission Critical Solutions, Boeing
  • LTC Scott Coulson, Maneuver Chief - ARCIC Requirements Integration Directorate, U.S. Army
  • LTC Joseph Pierce, Infantry Brigade Combat Team Integration Chief, TRADOC Capability Manager - IBCT, U.S. Army
  • LTC Kevin Parker, Light Systems Branch Chief, Mounted Requirements, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, U.S. Army
  • MAJ Jason Morneault, Division Chief, Material and Systems Integration, United States Army
  • Dr. George Mason, Professional Engineer, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems at Mississippi State University
  • Mr. Roger Sloman, Managing Director, Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd.
  • Mr. Robert Wolf, Program Manager, TRW Automotive
  • Mr. Patrick Maloney, Executive Director of Government Relations, Ballistic Applications & Materials International LLC
  • Mr. Dave DeYoung, Director, Directed Energy Systems, Boeing
  • Dr. Kevin Massey, Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office, DARPA

Download Full Agenda - Register to attend the Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit


Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 5, 2015