Unmanned Aerial Vehicles West Symposium

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) have seen a golden age in the last decade growing to an annual budget of $7 billion. Most of this growth has been through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but with the drawing down of troops, what’s next? Analysts still predict growth in this industry, estimating a total increase to just over $89 billion in the next decade. Not only is the military expected to sustain its backing of UAS technology, but the civil and commercial markets are poised to open up to a host of opportunities for the industry.

This comprehensive symposium brings together key officials and representatives from both government and industry that will examine the recent developments, most critical capability gaps, and likely future direction for unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Future UAS development opportunities and trends – DoD, international, and more
  • Status and Forecast for FAA Mandates on UAS National Airspace System Integration
  • Emerging UAS Service Needs and Initiatives from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, & USCG
  • UAS for Maritime Surveillance & Customers & Border Patrol Needs & Opportunities
  • Key COCOM UAS Needs, Challenges, and Requirements
  • UAS Weapon Technologies, Initiatives and Tactics
  • UAS Autonomy and Manned/Unmanned Teaming (MUM) break-throughs & Capabilities

These and many other topics will be addressed during this outstanding training event.

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Speakers for Unmanned Aircraft Systems West included:

  • MR. JOHN PRIDDY, Director, National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations, U.S. Customs
  • and Border Protection, Office of Air and Marine
  • COL PATRICK MASON, USA , Commander, Redstone Technical Test Center
  • MR. THOMAS BAKER, Director, UAS-AI Joint Test, U.S. Northern Command
  • COL COURTNEY COTE, USA, Project Manager, Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • MR. MICHAEL WILSON, Aviation Safety Inspector UAS Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
  • COL THOMAS VON ESCHENBACH, Director, TRADOC Capability Manager for Unmanned Systems
  • MR. JIM NELSON USN, Coastal Riverine Group ONE (CRG-1)
  • MR. GREGORY WALKER, Senior Business Development Manager, Apache Fire Control Systems, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
  • Lt COL PAUL WILKERSON, USAF, Deputy Director, Analysis and Reports, Joint Counter Low, Slow, Small UAS
  • CAPT (USN ret) GEORGE GALDORISI, Director, Corporate Strategy Group, SPAWAR System Center Pacific (SSC Pacific)
  • CDR (ret) CHRIS “PYRO” FITZGERALD, USN, Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific (N809A), (COMNAVAIRFOR, CNAF), UAS Requirements
  • LCDR DANIEL BROADHURST, USCG, UAS Platform Manager, USCG Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711)
  • CDR (ret) DAVID PLACE, USN, Naval Postgraduate School Research Associate
  • Lt COL KAIN “Chewie” ANDERSON, USMC, Commanding Officer, Marine Aircraft Group, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
  • Lt COL JUAN TORRES, USAF, Commander, 9th Attack Squadron
  • Lt COL PARKER FRAWLEY, USA, Commander 1-1 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion “Gun Fighters”
  • Lt. COL MICHAEL “Sniper” BEAVIN, USAF, Chief, J2 Collection Management Division, ISR Directorate, U.S.  Southern Command
  • Mr. ALI BAHRAMI, Vice President, Civil Aviation, Aerospace Industries Association
  • CAPT (USN ret) TED VENABLE CNT, UAS Program Manager at Commander, U.S. Naval Forces South and Commander, (COMUSNAVSO/C4F), USN
  • Mr. MICHAEL BLADES, Senior Industry Analyst, Aerospace & Defense, Frost & Sullivan
  • Mr. DENNIS “ZAK” ZAKLAN, Deputy Director, New Mexico State University UAS Flight Test Center
  • MR. DAVID HENDRICKSON, Director, Business Development, AeroVironment
  • Ms. JENNY PELS, Strategic Analyst, 8.4.1, Corporate Strategy Group, SPAWAR/SSC Pacific
  • CW2 (USA ret) CHRISTINA ENGH, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder UASolutions Group, Inc.
  • LT Joshua Vazquez, USN, PUMA Expeditionary Subject Matter Expert
  • Mr. D.J. DOUGLAS BEASON, Former Chief Scientist, Air Force Space Command
  • Mr. GRANT WARE, Director, Air Combat Systems, US Army Yuma Proving Ground (tentative)

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 4, 2015