CTT Systems Receives Order on Zonal Drying for Six Boeing 737-800S

CTT SYSTEMS (“CTT”), the market leader of anti-condensation systems for commercial aircraft and the dominating provider of humidification products for cockpit, crew rest and cabin areas, today announces an order of the Zonal Drying System for six Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The Zonal Drying anti-condensation system will be installed by Boeing in six new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Hereby the airline prevents that its operational costs significantly increases during operations due to excess weight from accumulation of condensate water. Such weight increases fuel burn and emission. Further, the airline benefits from other savings such as reduced failure rate of electrical components and replacement of blankets.

“This order is a great recognition from an airline valuing the total benefits of our anti-condensation system,” said Peter Landquist, VP Sales & Marketing CTT Systems AB. “Furthermore it is a confirmation of growing airline demand for in-line installation to master the root-cause of moisture problems from the very first day when a new aircraft enter into operations”.

Source: CTT Systems
Date: Feb 3, 2015