ITAR Defense Trade Controls

This e-Seminar is completely updated to reflect the new ECR changes that began on October 15, 2013  as well as those that will go into effect on December 30, 2014.

The training is on a USB drive so you can take it wherever you need to go, no internet access required! e-Seminars combine videos of our highly respected experts John Black and Scott Gearity alongside the actual PowerPoint presentations shown at our live seminars. Both instructors have over 25 years of experience in the field of US export controls.

ITAR Defense Trade Controls e-Seminar includes:

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Defense Trade Controls Handbook - 2014

  • Certificate of completion
  • ECoP Accreditation Test (optional)
  • Comprehensive searchable PDF manual
  • Promo code for 20% off live seminar tuition
  • ITAR Exemptions mousepad
  • 12 hours of comprehensive training broken down into modules that can be started and stopped at anytime

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ITAR Defense Trade Control e-Seminar Modules

1. Introduction to Defense Trade Controls
Key Governing Agencies

2. What Does the ITAR Control?
ITAR Controlled Activities
Easy To Forget Licensable Transactions

3. What is a “Defense Article”?
Jurisdiction:  EAR vs. ITAR
USML : ”US Munitions List”
SME “Significant Military Equipment”
Special Classification Issues

4. Registration and Empowered Official Issues
How to Register with the DDTC
Registration-Related Issues
What is an “Empowered Official”?

5. ITAR Catch All Controls
Prohibited Countries
Prohibited /Ineligible Parties
Highly Restricted Items
Congressional Notification Issues
Red Flags

6. ITAR License Exemptions
What are exemptions?
Exemption exclusions
The Canadian Exemptions
Other useful exemptions

7. ITAR Licenses
Licenses vs. Agreements
The art of the license application
DSP-5 Applications
Foreign Person Employee License
Marketing Licenses

8. ITAR Agreements
MLAs / TAAs / Warehouse & Distribution Agreement
Agreement Application
Agreement Guidelines
Technical Information
Government Review Process
Checking License Status

9. ITAR Administration
Shipping & Export Documentation
Temporary Licenses
Certification Requirements
Reporting Requirements

10. Brokering / Part 130 / FCPA
Political Contributions, Fees & Commissions
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

11. Technical Data
Definition of Technical Data
Public Domain Issues

12. ITAR Internal Control Programs
Building an Effective Compliance Program
Licensing vs. Compliance
Who is Responsible?
Written Programs & Procedures
Special Issues for Tech Data & Software

13. Enforcement of ITAR Controls
Enforcing Agencies:  US Customs & Border Protection
Case Studies:  Recent Enforcement & Audit Actions

14. Export Control Reform (ECR)
How to read and understand the new approach to US Munitions List categories
Revised and new USML categories
New 600 series ECCNs from items shifted off the USML
New licensing requirements for items shifted off the USML to the 600 series
How the current ‘items specially designed for items on the USML’ approach will be replaced with multi-level and lengthy USML controls
USML’s use of the new “specially designed” to transfer many items to the CCL
Much, much more

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 3, 2015