DRS Groundbreaking Laser Designating Gimbal Completes 1st Flight Test

DRS Technologies Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, announced today that it successfully performed the first airborne demonstration of its GS205-XRZ laser designating gimbal.  At less than six inches in diameter and weighing less than nine pounds, the GS205 is one of the smallest stabilized, light-weight and fully qualified targeting systems on the market.

During its maiden flight at the Avon Park Air Force Range in Florida , the GS205-XRZ variant executed multiple laser designation exercises from a U.S. Special Operations Command platform – demonstrating the ability to bring targeting capability to airborne and ground platforms.

"The size and performance of this gimbal is a testament to DRS engineers who understand that as customer needs evolve, no solution is too small," said Sally Wallace , president of the DRS Technologies C4ISR business group. "We are proud of the capabilities of this unique system which should provide a distinct advantage to U.S. troops on the battlefield," she said.

Designed and manufactured by DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems in Cypress, Calif. , the flight-proven GS205 offers targeting capability for all laser-guided weapons. It is now available off-the-shelf for size, weight, and power-constrained platforms.

The GS205-XRZ variant is an extended-range version of the targeting system equipped with a cooled infrared camera with a zoom optic, an electro optical camera, laser pointer, and eye-safe range finder, it is unique in its weight/size class with a full pulse interval modulation / pulse repetition frequency compliant laser designator.

Source: DRS Technologies
Date: Jan 21, 2015