Supporting European Military Logistics in a World of Uncertain Requirements

Logistics is changing! In a world of uncertain requirements and demands of future campaigns, militaries all over the world are being forced to adapt their supply chains and the life cycle management of their assets.  With emerging operational challenges in theatres ranging from Eastern Europe to North and Central Africa, and growing threats from organisations such as ISIS and Al Shabaab, logisticians are faced with a host of new difficulties in supporting forces on operations. Such difficulties are accentuated by the increase in joint operations, often launched rapidly in response to crises, which have rendered efficient and flexible supply chain management vital.

Defence IQ is delighted to bring you the 12th Annual Defence Logistics symposium, which will address all these challenges and more (Access the agenda here).  The event will welcome a large number of representatives from large Defence manufacturers, coming to discuss their specific supply chain challenges and to share common solutions. Participants, include:

  • Major General John J. Broadmeadow, Commanding General - US Marine Corps Logistics Command
  • Major General Ramon Pardo de Santayana Y Gomez-Olea, Director of Maintenance - ESP Logistic Command
  • Major General Samuel W. Nandwa, Assistant Chief of Defence Forces - Kenyan Ministry of Defence
  • Brigadier General Dionigi Maria Loria, Director of Logistics, Logistics Directorate - EUMS/EEAS
  • Dariusz Lukowski, Chief of Logistics, J4 - Polish Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Robert Brieger, Head of Logistics Division - Austrian Army
  • Brigadier Mark Dunn, Head of Support Chain Engagement, Inventory Management - DE&S
  • Mr Alan Polglase, Head of Supply Chain - Rolls Royce
  • Representative Boeing Defence UK, Head, Rotor Craft Support - Boeing Defence UK
  • Ivan Strelnikov, Commercial Manager - Ruslan SALIS GmbH

The event comes at a crucial time for the defence sector.  Ahead of his briefing at Defence Logistics 2015, Brigadier General Dionigi Maria Loria, Director of Logistics at the Logistics Directorate of the EU Military Staff (European External Action Service), spoke to Defence IQ about the future of logistics for the region’s armed forces, exploring where lessons have been learned and how new approaches can make an operational difference.

Source: Defence IQ
Date: Jan 21, 2015