Battelle and GISi Provide Military Trainers Range Managers Tool Kit Support for Operational Training Ranges

Dropping bombs, shooting guns and missiles, and employing laser range finders are inherently risky activities which the military manages by conducting rigorous and frequent training exercises. Every day, military units around the globe are conducting training exercises to prepare for actual combat operations.

During combat operations, military personnel will be required to employ direct and indirect-fire weapons systems such as machine guns, field artillery, and mortars. Air forces will be dropping bombs or shooting guns, rockets and missiles from planes and helicopters as well. To perform these key functions effectively, the military needs to train realistically and often to maintain proficiency and combat readiness.

"The RMTK suite of tools supports this critical training, helping to ensure all training is conducted safely without undue risk to military personnel," said Dave Barile, a Battelle National Security project manager.

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Battelle is a prime contractor and was recently awarded the Range Managers Tool Kit (RMTK) Sustainment and Development contract by the U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM). Battelle is teamed with Geographic Information Systems, Inc. (GISi) on this firm-fixed price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract.

The RMTK is a suite of tools and a software application currently used by military training managers. The danger zone tools within RMTK are used to develop and depict a three dimensional (3D) area associated with firing weapons, lasers and explosives where the risk of damage, injury or death does not exceed an acceptable and approved level.

"Battelle and GISi provide a unique combination of geographic information systems expertise, systems and software engineering, and a thorough understanding of aircraft and weapon characteristics, that combine with our military training experience to make our team well-suited to this contract," Barile said.

The Battelle/GISi team has been supporting U.S. forces with the Range Manager's Tool Kit and Weapons Danger Zone (WDZ) tool since 2011. These automated tools enhance and often replace cumbersome manual range safety procedures used in past years by all four military services.

Source: Battelle
Date: Jan 14, 2015