Gulfstream Selects Garmin ADS-B Out Solution for G150 Business Jet

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the certification of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solution for the Gulfstream G150, bringing NextGen compliance to this versatile mid-sized business jet. The Garmin GTX 3000 Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) remote transponder and GDL® 88 ADS-B datalink combine to fulfill global ADS-B requirements while meeting the stringent demands of business and transport category aircraft. This cost-effective ADS-B upgrade meets the immediate needs of business aircraft that have limited options to address global airspace requirements.

“We are honored to partner with an industry leader such as Gulfstream, to provide the G150 business jet with an all-inclusive ADS-B solution that gives operators an immediate path to compliance,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “Garmin’s expertise and extensive product line of certified ADS-B solutions allowed us to work quickly with Gulfstream to bring this solution to market. Gulfstream’s recent STC adds to Garmin’s portfolio of certified ADS-B installations, allowing business and transport category operators to continue operations in regions around the world where ADS-B is required.”

The GTX 3000 and GDL 88 offer operators a seamless and integrated path to meet the demands of air traffic modernization initiatives around the world. Highly accurate WAAS/SBAS position information provided by the GDL 88 is utilized by the GTX 3000 to broadcast aircraft identity, state and intent data (DO-260B compliant) to air traffic control, while integrating with existing equipment such as TCAS/ACAS systems and transponder controllers. This comprehensive and adaptable suite complements equipment already installed in the aircraft, streamlining the installation process. Additionally, the GTX 3000 and GDL 88 offer an enhanced level of visibility to other operators in the vicinity, which is unique to this ADS-B Out solution. With the capability to broadcast position information on both approved frequencies, the GTX 3000 and GDL 88 ensures visibility to all ADS-B In-equipped general aviation aircraft.

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As part of Garmin’s growing ADS-B portfolio, the GTX 3000 meets current compliance standards as a certified ADS-B Out solution when paired with a compatible position source such as the GDL 88, allowing this cohesive system to meet ADS-B requirements for a variety of aircraft types. With this Garmin ADS-B solution, owners and operators satisfy global requirements and receive the benefits of ADS-B without the need to pursue costly Flight Management Systems (FMS) or cockpit display upgrades.

Source: Garmin International Inc.
Date: Jan 6, 2015