Alcoa Geoweb(R) Product Used for De-Icing Pad at Cleveland Hopkins Airport; The Geoweb System Provides Environmental and Economic Savings

(CLEVELAND, Nov. 15, 2005) -- Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that its Presto Products' Geoweb(R) load support system will be used at Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport. Presto Products is providing 13 truck loads, or 1.3 million square feet, of the Geoweb product that will serve as a construction support platform over marginal subgrades and a highly-permeable structural drainage layer for the 30-acre de-icing site, currently underway at the airport. Presto Products' Ohio distributor, Meredith Brothers, Columbus, was awarded the supply contract from Independence Excavating, the Cleveland-based construction company, who is building the airport site. Independence Excavating has participated in many of the region's most demanding and innovative projects, including NASA Glenn's cryogenic propellant research center, Gund Arena and the Cleveland Browns Stadium. The specifications were developed by R. W. Armstrong, the airport design engineering consultants. "This is the first use of our Geoweb product for a de-icing application since new government standards concerning de-icing runoff were established. The Geoweb system develops a structurally-stable aggregate drainage system for groundwater, and supports the impervious membranes that prevent the possibility of groundwater contamination. Using the Geoweb system eliminates the need for excessive excavation while increasing structural capacity, which saves construction costs," said Daniel Senf, PE, CPESC, Director Business Development for Presto Products Geosystems. "In addition, Geoweb stabilizes aggregate so it can handle the heavy loads of construction and commercial aircraft." About the Geoweb(R) Load Support System Manufactured from high density polyethylene, the Geoweb(R) load support system is a network of interconnected cells that prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials through confinement. The system stabilizes the infill, providing a load distribution system over weak soils, base stabilization for paved surfaces and surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces. "In addition to load support applications, the Geoweb(R) system has been solving soil stability problems for over 25 years across the globe in a variety of applications including slope and channel protection, shoreline stabilization and vegetated earth retention," notes Craig Lemieux, President, Presto Products. "The system offers sustainable solutions with low environmental impact and high environmental benefit." About Presto Products Presto Products, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a business of Alcoa Consumer Products. It is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of products ranging from private label food and disposer bags to packaging closures, soil stabilization materials and specialty stretch films. About Alcoa Alcoa is the world's leading producer and manager of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina facilities, and is active in all major aspects of the industry. Alcoa serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets, bringing design, engineering, production and other capabilities of Alcoa's businesses to customers. In addition to aluminum products and components, Alcoa also markets consumer brands including Reynolds Wrap(R) foils and plastic wraps, Alcoa(R) wheels, and Baco(R) household wraps. Among its other businesses are vinyl siding, closures, fastening systems, precision castings, and electrical distribution systems for cars and trucks. The company has 131,000 employees in 43 countries and has been named one of the top three most sustainable corporations in the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. More information can be found at Alcoa employs approximately 1400 people in Cleveland and serves as the headquarters to three Alcoa business units and two manufacturing facilities. Ohio is also the home to other Alcoa businesses including Excel Extrusions in Warren and Alcoa Home Exteriors in Sidney.

Source: Alcoa
Date: Nov 15, 2005