Cojot Introduces a Dual Port VHF - UHF Antenna for Multiband Tactical Communications

The WBC3924 is a new dual-band vehicle antenna of short height that has been developed for use with tactical radios working in the VHF (30 – 108 MHz) and UHF bands (225 – 512 MHz).

This low profile antenna, with a height of only 1540mm, features two antennas that are integrated into the same housing; a monopole antenna to cover the low band up to 108 MHz and a ground plane independent (dipole) antenna, positioned at the top for ideal coverage, for the high band up to 512 MHz. Its compact and highly robust design makes the antenna ideally suited for tactical communication radios operating in the VHF and NATO UHF band. The WBC3924 can be deployed on vehicles as well as in fixed installations like on shelters or masts.

COJOT’s family of Dual Port Antennas represents a valuable solution for demanding situations where a multiple antenna set-up is not possible or antenna co-location problems may occur. The WBC2300 and WBC256, two well-proven dual port wideband antennas targeted towards Electronic Countermeasure applications, are already being successfully used with RF Systems, working from 20 MHz up to 3 respectively 6 GHz, by various clients throughout the world.

Source: ASDWire ASD
Date: Dec 16, 2014