Rheinmetall Simulation and Training at I-ITSEC

Simulation saves money by saving time, lives and resources. No virtual reality can completely live up to the effects of real life but even so, simulation systems play an irreplaceable part in the training and instruction of military and civilian personnel. They provide a 24/7 training capability that is fully flexible and weather-independent, with no risk of physical injury or material damage.

When looking at current military operational profiles, it quickly becomes clear that the focus today is on joint and combined missions that require maximum interoperability and communication between forces. Command and control of such missions requires superb leadership competence. Future training systems must also reflect the ensuing shift in tasks.

Mission training and rehearsal are now the most prominent imperatives in the military training domain. Current operational mission training and rehearsal scenarios need to be executed and trained for in a joint/combined context with a diversity of forces and entities, including air, land and sea assets.

The requirements for joint training are very complex and can only be met in an optimum training environment. First and foremost, training must always aim to provide soldiers with the multifaceted skills needed on the modern battlefield. Among the core competencies required for joint operations are the mastery of weapons systems, maintaining situational awareness, communication, teamwork, decision making, and risk assessment.

More realistic than ever, modern simulation technology makes a major contribution to readying our soldiers for deployed operations – from individual instruction in equipment operation to tactical leadership exercises for major formations.

For more than 40 years, training systems from Rheinmetall Defence have helped to prepare troops for air, land and sea operations. Our spectrum of simulation products ranges from individual training systems to highly complex, networked systems for joint and combined operations training. Prominent examples include the Leopard Gunnery Skills Trainer, the ANTares mobile tactical training environment and, of course, our live training centres such as the GÜZ combat training centre we jointly operate with the German Army.

Source: Rheinmetall AG
Date: Dec 1, 2014