Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Presents Innovative Protection Concept for the Dutch Armed Forces

At the NIDV defence fair in the Netherlands, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) is presenting a forward-looking protection concept for logistic vehicles. Developed by Austrian manufacturer Ressenig Fahrzeugbau GmbH and approved by RMMV, the Discreet Armoured Cabin (DAC) can be mounted on the proven TGS chassis.

Rheinmetall’s entry in the Netherland’s planned procurement project for Defence-wide Replacement Operational Wheeled Vehicles (DVOW) is the globally tried-and-tested TGS 8x8.

The DAC, already fully qualified under NATO STANAG 4569 and AEP55, is the perfect addition to the TGS series, further expanding its flexible operational capabilities. This protected cabin is specifically designed to be inconspicuous, with an essentially civilian external appearance. Nevertheless, this modular build-on cabin, available in a number of sizes, offers a high degree of protection against ballistic fire, landmines and improvised explosive devices. When the TGS is equipped with a DAC, the level of protection is basically undetectable, thus maintaining the vehicle’s low-profile civilian appearance. This significantly enhances the vehicle’s operational versatility.

In line with customer requirements, during production RMMV can already prepare the chassis of vehicles optionally equipped with the DAC for fast replacement with a standard cabin.

Visitors to NIDV can find out more about the concept at the Rheinmetall stand (5.301), and also inspect an original TGS 8x8 and DAC.

Source: Rheinmetall AG
Date: Nov 19, 2014