Rheinmetall at Indo Defence 2014

A trusted partner for Indonesia’s national security needs

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of defence technology systems, Rheinmetall Defence is a trusted partner of Indonesia. The Düsseldorf, Germany-based Group will be on hand at Indo Defence 2014 with a representative selection of its diverse array of products for military and security forces. Building on a proud tradition, Rheinmetall covers many different capability categories.

The Indonesian armed forces know they can rely on Rheinmetall products and systems. At Indo Defence 2014 the Indonesian Army is displaying a number of new combat systems supplied by Rheinmetall, while the Indonesian Air Force is furnishing a fire control unit and an effector from the Skyshield air defence system.

Combat systems experience

Two combat vehicles that have proven indispensable in recent decades are the Leopard main battle tank and the Marder infantry fighting vehicle. Combining its proven competence in land systems with its expertise as a systems integrator, Rheinmetall is able to modify legacy systems to make them more than a match for current challenges and threats.

The Indonesian Ministry of Defence recently contracted with Rheinmetall to supply it with tracked armoured vehicles, logistical support and ammunition. Along with 103 thoroughly overhauled and modernized Leopard 2 main battle tanks, the order encompasses 42 Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles and 11 various armoured recovery and engineering vehicles. The Indonesian Army will display some of those combat systems at Indo Defence 2014. The Group also offers lifecycle support for land systems. Visitors to Indo Defence 2014 can learn more at the Rheinmetall booth D046.

In order to operate in difficult terrain – in the mountains, for example, in the jungle, on coastal terrain or in an urban environment – today’s armed forces need a flexible, quickly deployable, protected platform that can be readily integrated into network-enabled operations and which, above all, can be transported by air either on board or as underslung cargo. It was precisely with these capabilities in mind that Rheinmetall developed the Wiesel (‘weasel’) family of vehicles, which the Group is presenting at Indo Defence 2014.

Antiaircraft and air defence systems

Aerial attacks continue to pose a major threat to troop concentrations, military bases, civilian population centres and critical civilian infrastructure. Today, over forty nations place their trust in Rheinmetall’s antiaircraft and air defence expertise.

In the domain of cannon-based air defence technology, Rheinmetall is the global leader and the sole single-source supplier of battle management systems, fire control systems, automatic cannon, integrated missile launchers and Ahead airburst ammunition. Its core competencies include the development and manufacture of complete air defence systems as well as simulators and training equipment.

Visitors to Indo Defence 2014 can get more information about the Oerlikon Skyshield MOOTW/C-RAM system at the Rheinmetall stand.

Comprehensive competence in ammunition

As a performance-driven global player, Rheinmetall has unique expertise and innovative strength in armour, artillery, air defence, medium calibre, mortar and infantry ammunition and systems.

Rheinmetall’s supplies the world’s armed forces with customized services and an unparalleled range of products that includes environment-friendly and insensitive ammunition as well as state-of-the-art effectors. Prominent examples are the Group’s extensive portfolio of 40mm ammunition, the new family of insensitive 60mm mortar rounds, medium-calibre Ahead airburst ammunition, 105mm and 155mm artillery ammunition and propulsion systems and, last but not least, programmable 120mm tank rounds that are fully compatible with Rheinmetall’s 120mm smoothbore gun, which of course serves as the main armament of the Leopard 2 and M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks in service with many armed forces worldwide.

Visitors to Indo Defence 2014 can take a closer look at Rheinmetall’s comprehensive ammunition competence.

Rheinmetall: Bridging the gap between virtual reality and real world

Rheinmetall has been supplying the world’s armed forces with simulation and training systems for ground, air and naval applications for decades, continuously perfecting its state-of-the-art solutions. At Indo Defence 2014 Rheinmetall is presenting a mockup of the SERO400 attack periscope which can be used as a component of the Group’s versatile Submarine Command Team Trainer (SCTT). Developed by Rheinmetall’s Bremen, Germany-based Simulation and Training business unit, SCTT is highly scalable, enabling everything from operator training in individual sensors and systems to command team training for operational units.

Rheinmetall Defence: totally oriented to today’s military

With its Combat Systems, Electronic Solutions, and Wheeled Vehicles divisions, Rheinmetall Defence supplies the world’s armed forces with systems and equipment systematically designed to assure successful outcomes in complex modern military operations.

Rheinmetall also maintains an extensive network of international partnerships for serving new markets as well as enabling technology transfer that will substantially benefit both the industry and the military of customer nations. This makes Rheinmetall the ideal industrial partner in the quest to supply today’s armed forces with advanced capabilities.

Source: Rheinmetall AG
Date: Nov 5, 2014