MBDA Readies SIMBAD RC for Deliveries

The SIMBAD-RC ship self-defence system of MBDA has now entered the qualification phase. The first deliveries of series production units will occur in 2015.
The SIMBAD-RC is the “remote controlled” variant of the SIMBAD twin launcher system equipped with two ready-to-fire Mistral missiles, already in service with the French Navy and with several navies around the world. 
Designed to be the main  air defence system of Fast Patrol Boats and auxiliary ships or a complementary air defence system for corvette/frigate, the SIMBAD-RC is mounted on a stabilized launcher and remotely controlled from the ship’s operations room, where a single operator can control two SIMBAD-RC launcher systems.
The SIMBAD-RC allows the warship self-protection against a wide range of threats ranging from anti-ship missile to FIAC’s.
Started in 2011, the development of the SIMBAD-RC benefits also from a 4th Generation IR thermal sight, which enables passive detection and identification of targets at long range.
Communalities with the previous SIMBAD system infrastructures should allow an easily upgrade to the SIMBAD-RC standard.
Up to now, the SIMBAD-RC system has been ordered by two Navies for several dozen units.
Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, stated : “The SIMBAD-RC programme is a perfect example of MBDA’s strategy aimed at developing land and naval systems at the cutting edge of technology, systems that correspond perfectly to the operational requirements of our customers while at the same time maximizing the efficiency of our missiles. The commercial success of this nascent programme serves as a welcome confirmation of this strategy”.

Source: MBDA
Date: Oct 28, 2014