UK SRG Approve Micro Nav Best Simulator for Training At London Heathrow Airport

(November 2005) -- The Safety Regulation Group of the UK Civil Aviation Authority have approved the Micro Nav BEST ATC simulation system for training at London Heathrow Airport. The advanced BEST air traffic control simulator is used by the UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS) for a range of validation; conversion; refresher and TRUCE training courses for tower controllers. BEST provides the simulation training medium for all the courses and has been approved as part of those courses. BEST was selected by NATS for its ability to represent both existing and future equipment together with its capability to handle the high traffic levels at Heathrow. The BEST 2D tower and radar simulator is customised to meet NATS requirements with respect to specific Heathrow equipment and operational procedures. These include: electronic flight strips; Terminal 5, Microwave Landing System, Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) and approach monitoring function.. The 8 powerful BEST workstations have multiple screens and touch input to closely match the operating interfaces of the controller displays. They can be configured easily to perform different roles, such as: tower; ground; supervisor and radar approach. Up to 8 different exercises can be run at the same time to meet different training needs. All the exercises are recorded and can be replayed and resumed to live simulation for debriefing and evaluation. Micro Nav have a successful 17 year track record of supplying and supporting radar and tower simulators for civil and military air traffic management agencies world wide. The BEST simulators provide everything needed from Beginning to End for Simulation and Training and are used by many national authorities world wide. Micro Nav also supply fighter controller simulators, specialist services and ATM software development. Contact: Tom Howard-Jones New Business Director Micro Nav Ltd

Source: Micro Nav
Date: Nov 9, 2005

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