Bell Helicopter Endorses HNZ Topflight for Mountain Flight Training

Bell Helicopter , a Textron Inc. company,  (NYSE: TXT), announced it has approved HNZ Topflight (HNZ) as an Approved Flight Training Center for the purpose of offering Mountain Flight Training Courses on Bell Helicopter models.

“HNZ is a very well-regarded training organization, well-known for its mountain flight training” said Ray Lamas, general manager, Global Customer Training for the Bell Helicopter Training Academy (BTA). “This agreement creates a formal relationship benefitting both companies and our customers, and ensures HNZ is committed to upholding the world-class standards espoused by the BTA.”            

Established in 1951, HNZ Topflight has a reputation as a leader in mountain and advanced flight training courses. The school is located in British Columbia, Canada, and regularly trains pilots from the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Royal Danish Air Force.

“The collaboration with Bell Helicopter is a natural fit with our training curriculum,” said Don Wall, president & CEO, HNZ. “HNZ Topflight has industry-leading experience in mountain flight training, and we are committed to ensuring we maintain the standards set by Bell Helicopter.”

“We are pleased to extend this option to our Bell Helicopter customers who require mountain flight training,” continued Lamas.  “As our customer base continues to expand globally, the BTA will continue to pursue unique options such as this to ensure we can meet our customers’ mission-specific requirements.”

Bell Helicopter customers interested in enrolling in HNZ Top Mountain Flight Training may contact HNZ directly for enrollment.

Source: Textron
Date: Oct 20, 2014