Thales wins a a,18.2 million train control contract

Thales, the world leader in innovative transportation solutions, was  awarded a contract from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation  Agency (SFMTA) for the design and construction of advanced train  control technology for the new Central Subway project, an extension  of the existing T Line.

Thales will supply its field-proven SelTrac® CBTC (Communications  Based Train Control) Technology for the agency’s 1.7 mile extension of  the T line, a solution designed to improve transit options for residents  in one of the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods, provide a  rapid transit link to a burgeoning technology and digital-media hub, and  improve access to a premier commercial district and tourist attraction.

For SFMTA, the SelTrac® CBTC solution provides maximum performance  in terms of headways, passenger throughput, and energy conservation.  It knows the position of each train to a high degree of accuracy, which  allows faster response times, more tightly controlled movements, and  easier expandability and adaptability. In addition, the solution offers  the opportunity to lower life-cycle costs and increase revenue by  moving more people more quickly. For passengers, the SelTrac® CBTC  system will result in safe operations and a more predictable commute.

Thales already supplies automatic train control technology for the  Market Street subway in the SFMTA system; the award of this contract will ensure seamless integration and interoperability within the SFMTA  subway environment.

The SFMTA is the seventh largest public transit agency in the United  States, providing transit services to more than 200 million riders  annually. The Central Subway Project is the second phase of the SFMTA  Third Street Light Rail Transit Project. The Central Subway is expected  to be opened to the public in 2019.

Source: Thales
Date: Oct 15, 2014