TAR-Ideal Will Introduce a Personal Marker that Protects Soldiers from Friendly Fire

TAR-Ideal Concepts, Ltd. - a leading provider of Defense and Security solutions since 1990 – will introduce the TL5 Pro, a personal marker with adjustable visibility range for the protection of soldiers from friendly fire, at the upcoming AUSA 2014. The marker, which is already in use by the IDF, is invisible to the naked eye in IR mode. TL5 Pro can also be turned into a helicopter landing strip marker in seconds.

Weighing only 0.20 lbs (90 grams), the TL5 Pro is a tactical IR & Visible Personal Marker that protects soldiers from friendly fire. The marker has an adjustable visibility range of 164, 984, 2624, and 4921 ft (50m, 300m, 800m, and 1,500m), reducing the chances of being detected by the enemy. In addition to the IR mode, it has 3 visible light colors - Red, Blue, and White - as well as a 360° light scattering ability. Both the visibility range and the color can be set according to the needs of the unit and the specifications of the mission. 

The marker - used by the IDF in recent conflicts - can be easily mounted on the soldier's helmet, weapon, or clothing.  It can also be adjusted within seconds for use as a marker for helicopter landing strips, using a lightweight, compact landing set. This eliminates the need for additional landing equipment, and thus decreases the weight carried by the soldier.

According to Aviad Matza, CEO, "The TL5 Pro was developed in close cooperation with the IDF, based on operational experience and demands arising from the field. Already in use by the IDF, the solution has been proven to save lives." He continued, "Exhibiting at AUSA, we are looking for new opportunities to expand our activities in this market and develop new partnerships."

Source: TAR-Ideal Concepts, Ltd.
Date: Oct 7, 2014