SCRA Applied R&D Wins Manufacturing Technology Program

SCRA Applied R&D today announced a new, cost shared contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The multi-year, $8.3 million contract, Procurement Readiness Optimization – Forging Advanced Systems (PRO-FAST) will focus on advanced technologies for forging supply chains. This program supports nearly every major U.S. weapons system with structural parts.

The program will investigate, develop and deploy a variety of technologies aimed at reducing lead time and managing costs. The goals are to improve the quality of forgings critical to the nation’s defense and enable the United States to maintain their competitiveness in international markets. SCRA Applied R&D is implementing this program in concert with the Forging Industry Association (FIA) located in Cleveland, Ohio under the collaborative name FDMC.

The PRO-FAST Program is aiming at new technologies including advanced heat treating and quenching technologies, advanced tooling materials and processes, advanced tooling repair technologies, advanced, lightweight metal matrix alloys and continued improvements in forging supply chains.

“The Defense Logistics Agency Research and Development Program, supported by Headquarters DLA at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, continues to demonstrate its commitment to modernizing the forging industry through strategic investments cost-shared by industry,” said SCRA Applied R&D Senior Program Manager and FDMC Executive Director Jon Tirpak. “We look forward to working on this crucial program that helps our men and women in uniform have the best forgings, enabling them to successfully carry out their missions.”

Source: SCRA
Date: Oct 2, 2014